A discovery this week

I made a major discovery this week. Fringe is a great show to watch while I spin my yarn. I can watch and focus on my fibers twisting and turning into awesomeness. I went thru the entire first season in a week. Yea I have been spinning alot, I know. I just finished up with a skein I am pretty much in love with and bought the other 4oz in the same color way because I enjoyed it so much. Its a lovely mix of browns, aqua, bright acid yellow and pinks. They way they moosh into lovely wonderful yarny goodness I just had to get another, and it has been determined a keeper for my own stash. I just got another shipment, and I really am loving the mix I got, but I keep going back to the same idea… I need to start dyeing my own fiber. This will happen, I know most likely this spring, once I get started on the outdoor space. Just to clear the air, as of the 27th of January, I have no serious intentions of getting my own sheep or alpaca, just in case some of you were worried! 🙂

I have been researching how much to charge for my yarn and once again, I hate pricing my stuff. I always sell far below what I should as far as time, quality and materials are concerned. The main thing is that I am happy creating, but I also need to recoup some of my spending to continue to make lovelies. Thoughts anyone?

I cant wait to post more fun later!


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