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Some of you might be wondering what is up with this new love of spinning, I shall explain… I bought a spinning wheel just after Christmas, a lovely Lendrum dt, that I have named Opal (I enjoy naming things). It has always been something I have been interested in, and I finally took the plunge! This is extremely exciting for me, I get to make the yarn that I plan to crochet pieces with now. YAY! A few super new samples I did. The one on the left, is my 6th skein I have ever done. I am getting more consistent with sizing and not over twisting it. I have a mild tendency to still go chunky or skinny every now and then because its fun to have crazy art yarn. Eventually I would like to sell it along with my other work, jewelry, and artwork either on my etsy site, or on a fully functioning me site. Cross your fingers, cuz I sense it will be awesome!

The second picture is actually my second skein, as you can see its a bit kinky, but its mine. I made it, and I am super proud. I really didnt care for the colors in the bag, but man o man, it looks awesome all spun up and in person! I have the weekend off so I plan on utilizing some of my “free time” with working on some new roving I picked up this week at my tunisian crochet class. Yes, I learned something new, and I enjoyed it. It is definitely something different than normal looking crochet, and my hands don’t have the stamina to continue the foreign motion. Im working on it! Practice, and taking breaks here and there are the key!

Skein # 6 has some lovely browns in it! Skein #2

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