My very first post!

Hello world!

This is my very first post, and a work in progress! I have a vision to make this site about fun art projects, product reviews, cute cats, hula hooping, yummy foodness (because lets face it, who doesn’t need another food blog?) awesome happenings in my life and a little section I like to call “Ask the Geek.” A chance where YOU, the artist can ask questions you just don’t know the answer to. Whether its what kind of glue to use, or what kind of medium to choose for a specific product. I do a ton of art stuff, and my job has to do with art stuff, and well, I am a geek, so I have to try to know it all (and my friends can tell you I know way more than most as far as supplies go). I can give suggestions, tips, and overall Do’s and Don’ts!

Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest, like my Kaleidoscope Kitty facebook page, and check out my etsy site, and most importantly, pass my name around!

On a celebration of a new hello- I should introduce you to a new skein of yarn I am working on. I purchased a spinning wheel right after the holiday season, and I have been spinning up a storm since. This one is my 4th ball I am working on, I feel much more confident in working with this, and am truly enjoying the new art of spinning.

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