A busy week in my little art world.

So, last post, I wrote that I made 2 art submissions. I got into a store for one of them and the other, I was accepted to be an artist in RAW Minneapolis. Yay! I believe I will be showing my work at the April show. (to be confirmed) Still, YAY!

Positive vibes! On Sunday, a rather dreadful day overall, I realized I sold a painting. One of my 8×8 coffee paintings. As much as it makes me super happy to be lucky enough to be selling, I have a tinge of sadness, since part of my heart goes with all my work. I know it will come back to me in some way, and someone will love it, I am just silly sentimental at times.

Today I went to Wunderkammer, the shop that will be carrying my jewelry and handspun yarn. I am super excited to be sharing a great assortment from me, I cant wait to see how it sells! She chose 5 skeins of yarn, all of which are my favorite. Its always fun to see someone examine your work for the first time, to see what they see, the combos they put together.

So the lesson learned in the last 5 days. I have to get my butt in gear and make more things. ALL THE THINGS! Especially if I have a show in April and plan on doing the St Paul Art Crawl as well! I got paintings to do, yarn to spin, and jewelry to make, because my stock is almost ZERO. Anyone got a couple extra months to spare?

Coffee Time 2010 SOLD

Coffee Time 2010

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