I have great news!

I made 2 art submissions this week. A real nail biter if you ask me. When it comes to my product, I am very confident in my work, but the actual submission, the selling of me I am terrified of. When someone comes to my booth or table, hey look around, if you like it, you’ll buy it, its cool. But if I need to explain why my stuff will rock your socks off, oh my.. I become a stammering fool. Palms sweaty and all!

Well I made a big leap this week. I actually made 2 submissions, not one but 2! One is for an art show that I really hope I can get into, and the other is for selling my stuff in a shop! A REAL STORE! I went in, and chatted, went home and submitted! She replied that she wants to carry both my yarn and my jewelry in her shop. Ohmigod. WOOOO! My energy level is thru the roof. I have so much to do to get ready. I have to still make tags for my yarn and sift thru my jewelry, since it might be a bit of an issue if I give her anything that is from my etsy shop.

Once everything gets finalized I will post where this shoppe is. Dont want to jinx anything!

Haven’t heard back about the other show, I am hoping that goes over well. If it doesn’t, thats cool, Im still awesome.


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