A little Spring?

For the record, I am done with Winter. I have been done since before it started. And now we are supposed to get another 8 inches this weekend. No thank you.

Our hoop night has sadly been canceled til April- my mega reason why I am done with winter… I NEED TO HOOP! It is extremely hard to have dreams about the dancing and the moves your body is learning, and are unable to make those dreams come alive! Hooper’s problems, for sure.

In the meantime, while I cannot go outside and play, I am enjoying the creating process with my wheel and making some jewelry. I have a tendency to obsess over one art or craft for a period of time, then switch really quick. I always go back to them, but when people ask me at the store, “What kinda art do you do?” I have to chuckle, because I play with them all, what day of the week are we talking about?

I just finished up 2 new skeins. I have a birthday coming up, and a early present showed up for me this week. I got to open it, because Ben was afraid I was going to buy one anyway- which I was. I got a lightbox for photos! yay! Jewelry is one of those, you need proper lighting or you are toast things. With it, I already put up 3 skeins of my new yarns on etsy. Horray! Its kinda nice to be organized and put together! As simple as a light box is, I just feel more professional having one, less of “hey this was made in my basement” (well more like the office…)

So, more pretty photos coming soon! Yaaay!

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