After a little trying… I am FINALLY plying!

Yeah, that was a mildly lame title. Sorry.
After crafting singles for some time, I thought I would try my hand at plying yarn. Its a bit more time consuming but… I am in LOVE. Its fun to take it to the next level. To see where your crazy can go. The last three skeins I completed are all 2-ply. Now personally, I really like a single ply with my crochets, but these are gonna be amazing when they are all worked up. Did I mention yet I already started on my Holiday gifts? hahaha! I start in August so I have time to make everyone their stuff (except for dad, he gets store bought things, a pair of earrings just wont do for him). SO the books have been put down for now… Except one, I just have to make time to finish it! (I am reading Unwholly in case anyone is super curious) but once that is done… its full time work mode.
Next on my learning list… DYEING, proficiency in knitting, and Navajo ply. I have alot to do. I will post more pictures as I create them.
Thanks for watching!
First is an 8oz bobbin. with BFL and Falkland wools
the second photo is my very first plyed piece of work. That was BFL 80% and Silk 20%
Last is super silky and shiney- its Alpaca and Silk. SO soft!




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