Day 3: A journey to Duluth

Day three leads us South, into Duluth. On our second Shopko visit, Google Maps took us to a residential house. I was halfway tempted to just knock on the door and share the funny experience, but I was also rather annoyed. Not quite as bad as when Siri took us to the maintenance dock at the airport. Yup that happened. And it was not cool.

We headed down toward Canal st., hit up the electric fetus, That store is insanely huge in comparison to the one back home, and it was fun to just wander. Sadly a really awesome bead shop I used to stop at is no longer, in its place is a funky little gallery shop named Double Dutch, with some awesome pieces. Simple fun, not too stuffed, and not screaming for more items. I felt the price tags were nice and the collection was not overly in one area over another. So many times now its jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, and a little bit of art. This was nice to have a happy mix. -I just realize that comment might not have made much sense since I do indeed make quite a bit of jewelry, but, if it is too much of one thing, its not a good thing. I still miss that bead shop.

IMG_0719 IMG_0716

Down on Canal, people were moving- only could mean one thing… well maybe two, but I doubt Godzilla was taking over the city… nope. A BOAT was coming in! A really big one, named American Courage 636feet long and can hold almost 24,000 tons of cargo. I was focused on taking a picture and he tooted his mega horn- pretty hilarious actually, scared me half to death, Ben got it on audio- so if I can figure out how to share I will!

We headed up to Hawk Ridge and checked out some of the migration stuff that was going on with the birds up in Duluth. It was really pretty up there, and even if birds are not your thing, I felt it was highly recommended for the sites. A very friendly chipmunk came right on up to me and started to eat the corn they had scattered about and we got some great photos of him too. We were planning on hitting up Seven Bridges, but we only got to drive over one- road construction!!! Ugh.


Another quick stop at another yarn shop, a very nice one, odd location but nice selection, and I even saw they have handspun, from Blaine! It was nice and she had lovely colorways. I picked up some Nube- its Malabrigo’s new roving. I have heard some mixed reviews on it. I adore Malabrigo to a severe degree so I needed to test out the roving, see if its all that it should be. I was pleased with the price. No more than some of the handdyed stuff I get from my etsy sellers. Of course, no competition or need to worry sellers, you already have my loyalty.


Started to get hungry and decided to stop for a bite. If I am in a new land, I want food I cannot get at home. So I stay away from places like Applebees, Fridays, McDonalds etc- I want to try their mini diners. Is there an unwritten rule about shops being open on Tuesdays? It was 4:30 and we couldnt find a place to eat. Too fancy, looks too much like a dirty bar, or whaaa CLOSED? How is a restaurant closed on a Tuesday? We went home mildly cranky and made pizza sandwiches.

I built the fire tonight, and had a mini photo shoot with my LEDs- Firefly and Jem, right on the rocks at the shore. Again a bit scary at night, so my foot placement has to be very precise, and no crazy moves. With the way Lake Superior was acting last night, if I dropped a hoop in the water, there really would have been no saving it. Last time we were up a hoop got flung into the water, luckily it was saved, but as a result I have been paranoid about some of my crazy moves, regardless on how much more improved I have become.

I finished Cabana last night, and started on Black Hills Gold. I really like this one, but I enjoyed the flow of the last one a bit more. it just moved differently. Aaaand picture time.


Last but not least, I am really enjoying my vacation, and how much I really needed this time ot relax and play, but I will be honest, its not the same without my kitties. It feels weird curled up n the couch without their tiny warm bodies cuddled in for naps.

A simpler adventure on Weds, Two Harbors again, photos, Buddy’s rice (just for my friend emily) and who knows?!?!


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