I made a hat for a super baby and it fits!

I love making things. I love making things for adults. I have something to base it off of size wise. I do not have many children in my life and it is rather difficult to gauge how large a child is. I have experience in screwing this up. I made an extremely cute hat once for a child. I think she was 18 months. I was so proud of it, and so pleased when it was done. I presented it to her folks and they told me they would give it to her doll. I made it waaay too tiny. I vowed to not make things to fit children since I was so embarrassed,  but if i made something and it fit it was like magic. I kinda prefer making those universal fitting things, like barettes and scarves, mostly because I suffer from cantfollowapatterniosus. Its an ailment where the person affected is unable to follow patterns. I lok at them and I make good effort to follow them, but then I get distracted with something else and ooh shiney, and then I sit there with a confused look on my face.

I decided to make a hat for a baby. Not any baby, a super baby. He’s 6 mos old and looks like he’s a year. Say it with me now… SUPER BABY.

I used Madelinetosh it was a Superwash merino- it was lovely by the way, my first Madelinetosh experience ever and not to be my last. An expensive yarn, but for this kid it was worth it and I have loads left over! A tie? A vest? My possibilities are endless. And he looks super stylish.

No pattern, just hopes it would fit. <3

Super baby G and his new hat

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