Pinterest fails, Pinterest wins… Pinterest posters need to include all info.

So I have to write about my pinterest fail today. I found these last week, and I have been dying to try them out. They look gorgeous, and delicious and not so terribly good for you. Success right? Wrong. 5 easy steps? No. Its 6. And they should be a bit more specific on the timing of chocolate melting in the microwave. Too much meltage and it gets gross, and too little and you have hard chocolate. Also these clearly have sprinkles on them, so that would be another ingredient. The lies! I just cant take it!
 So here is the post. I have added my notes in teal to the recipe for better cooking. I know its not much in notes, but this one tiny step would have made WAY BETTER Looking DESSERTS!!!!
Funny story, my mom and I were talking about these yummy things we were planning to make, and I find out she was making the same thing, just in white chocolate and the golden oreos. Like mother like daughter I guess! I sent her a pic and told her to freeze them, her recipe for the white chocolate ones had that in the directions!
Ok the recipe!
Only 3 ingredients, 5 steps, EASY UNLESS YOU ARE LAZY!
**Warning** These are very addictive & melt in your mouth!!
Freeze the balls before you roll them in chocolate. It does not work as well if you do not!!!

Oreo Balls

1 package of Oreo Cookies
1 block cream cheese, softened
1 pack Cooking Chocolate (Hershey’s Semi sweet chocolate chips the best)

1. Place Oreo Cookies in a bag/blender and smash/blend until it is the consistency of dirt.
2. Mix the softened cream cheese into the smashed Oreos.
3. Roll the mixture into balls.
4.Freeze the balls before you roll them in chocolate. It does not work as well if you do not!!!
5. Melt chocolate in the microwave.
6. Cover balls in chocolate then leave to set in the fridge.
So clearly I do not have a chocolatier in my blood. Thats ok, I still make fantastic caramels, and other tasty treats (at least the fam seems to think so) and these did turn out pretty damn good, albeit, not pretty.
And now, my pinterest fail…. NAILED IT!
Oreo balls.

Oreo balls.

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