The beginnings of a mini trip.

A trip to relax, a trip to refresh. A trip to clear my mind for a few days. This was our second trip to Stonegate on Superior. A quiet cabin surrounding right on the water. How much better can that get? At this point I am not sure- but its pretty fabulous. We left this morning and although it was drizzly and rainy, the colors were very nice and it was a pretty pleasant drive. I was hoping to hit a destination yarn shoppe, because who doesn’t like to hit random shoppes they don’t have back home? One problem… I am spoiled with most stores being open on SUNDAY! Sadly we did not hit any stores I was hoping to. Maybe on the way home? IMG_0678

Stonegate on Superior is lovely. We got a nice two bedroom cabin that is just a stones throw from the rocks and waves. I brought Opal (my wheel) up and have already picked out a spot for us to spin in the morning. My first project is from Beesybee Fibers, and I am working on her Fall SAL. The theme was Sleepy Hollow. I did her summer and spring one and I loved both of those so much I knew I would enjoy this one as well. I have two 4oz in BFL that are dying to be spin to yarn and put around someone’s neck for winter!

Since we got in late, we did a little unpacking and then after I took a mini nap, we headed out to the local Shopko and dinner. Ok, for those who know me well, know I LOVE Shopko. For those who don’t, I LOVE SHOPKO. Probably because we do not have one where I live. I have found skirts for $3 and tons of other really great deals all at Shopko. Again, my city brain was thinking.. they don’t stay open till all hours like back home. They close at 6. No Shopko trip today. We did have a really nice dinner at Vanilla Bean Cafe- and took home a fantastic dessert, a turtle lava cake. I have to learn how to make such a thing because MAN! It was yum.



Played a little cribbage, I always have to relearn how to play, and then took some relaxing time by spinning by the open windows to hear the waves crashing.

I finished my scarf! Just in time for my vacation. I even put tassels on it. I always feel very accomplished when I work on a piece and have nothing left but tiny scraps. I started a hat as well in the car ride up and although the yarn is bulky and I am using a big hook, my hand cramps up when I work on it, so I can only do so much at a time. Its Malabrigo Rasta, so its super chunky, and the colorway on it is pretty fantastic as well.

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