“treat yo self”

So one of my shows I watch while I spin is parks and recreation. I watch all my shows this way. If I’m not creating, I feel like I am wasting time, I don’t judge others in this- I just feel this way about myself. And it drives me nuts.
Anyways one of the episodes has Tom and Donna having a Treat Yo Self day. One of those days where you need to spoil yourself. It is such a silly show but it does have good advice every now and then. Treat Yo Self. I did so with my new hat. When I finished I decided I needed to make more of them because they are so darn cute! So here’s my hat and I will be working on getting another on etsy on thurs along with some of my lovely new yarns. Horray!
Malabrigo rasta- I believe this color is arco iris.


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