Welcome to Summer. Yarn, Painting, Drawing, Hoops and more

Just a quick hello to my readers, my summer kickoff has been mildly crazy so far. So many projects and clearly not enough time to complete them all! I started painting again. I am using a fairly new line of paints from Pebeo called Prisme and Moon. The effects are incredible. My mind wanders with all the possibilities!



I am still hooping up a storm, and am getting really excited for my Rachael Lust workshop in July. If you have seen a hoop video, its probably hers. Her kitchen hoop videos went super viral, and she’s very talented. For the month of June, I am doing a 30 in 30 challenge. The goal is to hoop for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. I am making such great progress with it. New moves! My only complaint is with the Junebugs (ick) outside, my night hooping has had to move inside, so Im a little more cramped in the basement. No chest rolls for me. But it is fun to challenge myself with the constraint of space. Then when I am outside I will enjoy it more. I plan on taking a progress video- one I feel comfortable posting, soon. I take mini vids here and there to see what I am working on and where I can go from it, but nothing that is monumental. Soon, I promise. Until then, I am continuing my challenge, posting a pink circle on my calendar if I hoop for more than an hour, and a green one if it’s less than an hour.

I’m officially a super gardener. I have so many plants this year its incredible!Expanded the garden in front of the house this year, so I have lots of room for awesome plants! I am still growing all my marigolds, from seed, like usual, but this year I got some new perennials, some of my favorites from last year, and some new flowers I can’t wait to start taking photos of and drawing. Etsy shop be prepared for a crazy amount of items up for grabs!


On Monday a favorite yarn of mine, named “Spicy” will be leaving the shop and heading all the way out to Maryland for a new owner to play with. As bittersweet as it is, I am so excited someone so far away gets too enjoy such a lively colorway!

20140608-231727-83847699.jpg And this is a new skein I am working up right now from Crosspatch Creations. It’s stunning.

I am still continuing to draw when I can. My extra curriculars can sometimes get in the way, however I am making new art. This is created on the bus, and the flower and cake were done while riding to a birthday party. I am enjoying the road construction in a most odd way, allowing the bumps to guide my drawing if you will. Its a pretty fun way to enjoy art.





I must be more diligent on writing. My posts become long and full of many pictures when I do not post as often.
Thanks for reading and making it to the bottom.

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