Winter is coming, it is cold, warm up with new creations from Kaleidoscope Kitty!

For a born and raised Minnesotan, I am a pretty poor speciman of Minnesota living. Its been 40’s all week and I am wearing a scarf, a cowl, and a hat. Don’t forget those fingerless mitts! I hate being cold, I don’t like snow, winter sports do pretty much nothing for me. Why do I still live here? I don’t have a very good answer for that., because I don’t know. What I do know is that winter is great for wearing cute scarves, cowls, and hats- so my yarn and crochet line really excel in this area. I posted the other day a few of my new works that I am extremely happy with. I am also doing a trunk show for my handspun yarn and crochets on November 11 at Wunderkammer. The event page is on Facebook right here.

I will have Opal, my wheel, a crazy assortment of new handspun and some hats and scarves. I am working my fingers like crazy trying to get as much done as possible for this event. My hands hurt.

Anyways, picture time!



This one here is mine, I love this colorway and waited over a year to get it in! It reminds me of the lovely color patterns bubbles make as they swirl. I made a little pom to go on it, and I really think it adds a bit extra cuteness to it.



This one is a new favorite, with the same yarn. Thick and warm and oh so soft. With or without pom (shown without pom)

You can find it on my shop HERE.





The magical thing about this yarn is that it comes in super small batches, and I think that makes it very special. My cowl in this picture is actually from the same colorway. Its incredible how they can be so different, and it makes me appreciate handmade and hand-dyed items so much more. This cowl is not for sale, but I can make more! The hat however is for sale- with or without a pom pom. Check it out.




Another struggle artists face everyday is the Target syndrome, Can I pay you $30 to make something? I saw something at target for that much and I figure you could get the same thing. My item sells for $90. She offered me $30. That doesn’t even cover my yarn- or even the time it took me to make it. What people don’t realize these days is that Target has people in other countries making things for them. I work a full 9-10 hours a day, come home and am lucky if I have time to keep my eyes open, let alone crochet for 4 hours. My supplies are not cheap, I do not use cheap goods. As I have continued my artist journey, I have realized life is too short to be using cheap materials I will not be happy with. Sure I could, and have in the past, but I also think I would be providing an inferior product and a lesser value of service, plus I like the feel of nicer things in my hands. So yes, my product may be more expensive- but the time I took to work on a pattern, pick out the yarn, and work with it is worth it. I think all your artist friends are probably worth it, and a whole lot more. I never want to come off as rude on this subject, but there are reasons the “starving artist” exists. Please do yourself and your favorite artist friend a favor and buy from them this year. I have made all my own holiday presents for years now, with the exception on my father, who I don’t feel would like a pair of sparkly earrings or a sassy new cowl (I think he would agree as well). Big companies are opening earlier because the people want it. They buy into it. Everyone complains about Christmas trees popping up in August, yet we start banging on the retailers doors earlier and earlier each year. Support your local artist. <3 Buying from one person each holiday makes a world of a difference. I am not saying it for me, I am saying it for everyone.

And now I am off my soapbox. I just had to say it. Its a stress maker for Holiday and I had to voice it.

A few more pretties before I say goodnight. I spun up another winner from Beesybee Fibers, and plyed it with a simple copper thread. It is absolutely stunning.

photo (12)


The plying process is fun and still very exciting. Its amazing to see the combos you can come up with by adding one simple thing to the mix.



My next up is a colorway called Pansy and it comes from Crosspatch Creations. This was a fiber bump from Playing with Yarn in Knife River, MN. I picked up a bunch from this shop and have had such a great experience with this line of fiber. I think my version will be called moonglow, since I will be plying it tomorrow with glow in the dark thread!  photo (13)

An Etsy post with the most

I will admit, over the years Etsy has made some huge changes and updates to their posting format. It is still far too time consuming for me to get anything done. I made 4 postings today. 4. I took all the photos, I photoshopped them so they look right and the size is correct, and then comes the post. Writing about my work is one of the most uncomfortable challenges for me out there. I feel like it is very cut and dry, but thats the kinda shopper I am, I like the facts, nothing more, nothing less. Some buyers want to hear a story, how I was feeling when I created something, I don’t know. The times that I have had a story to go with something they were pretty depressing stories, and I think it turned people off to the sale of the item. And I most certainly don’t want to lie, but it takes me ages to talk about my stuff. AGES… So yes, it took all day and only 4 posts were made. Can I have a cookie now?

10.14.13 057 10.14.13 060 10.14.13 065 10.14.13 075 10.14.13 080 10.14.13 094

Check out my new posts on my shop, I am really proud of them, and can’t wait til they find good happy homes. I will be having a trunk show soon at Wunderkammer showcasing my yarn and creations, I am super excited and will make a real post about that soon! There will even be a beginning crochet class as well in the works for December. Exciting things are afoot!

A moment of drawing for a change of pace


As I have wrote about my demonstrating skills in the past, I thought I should share some of my pieces I like to work on.

I am a HUGE fan of Inktense pencils by Derwent. I have been working with them now for over 7 years. And have been demoing their awesomeness for over 6. They are a colored pencil, much like watercolor watercolor pencils, but instead it has an ink core, which makes them permanent once wet and dried! For someone who is interested in drawing, but wants a nice pop of color this is a great place to go. Watercolorists enjoy them due to their travelability (I paint while I fly, and super easy to use in cars or hiking). There are no other pencils I know of that do what these pencils do. So please try them! AND for you fabric gods and goddesses out there… YOU CAN USE THEM ON FABRIC! Has your mind been blown yet? Because mine was when I heard that!

*On a side note, when you get them, please make sure to get my favorite three colors, Sienna Gold, Dark Aquamarine, and Green Aquamarine, you will not regret it and they are also not in the 12 or 24 set of colors. Sienna Gold DOES come in the 36 but the two essential aquamarines are not.

When I found these at the art store I was working at, My interest was piqued. Color, watercolor painting AND permanence? I had to have them. At that time they were only making them in a 12 and 24, so I bought the 24, but once they started making the 36 and 72, I had to buy all of them individually. Sad. (hint on these guys, you will most likely love them, so taking the plunge and buying the whole set is highly recommended.) Every now and then it is OK to be a little reckless and impulsive. Now is one of those times. And another suggestion, they just make fantastic pencils, highly recommended in general.

These pencils are so amazing, and have changed my life and artwork immensely. I feel it is only right to finally start selling some of the pieces I create during my demos. Get my stuff out there more, and let other people enjoy what I enjoy at home. Im sure they get lonely in my portfolio.

And on a side note. If Derwent ever sees my little blog and would like me to work for them as an artist for the US, demoing and whatnot, the answer is YES. Contact me. Oh my god CONTACT ME! (yeah its a dream of mine to be an artist for Derwent, I only own like everything they make.)

Ok, now to pictures!!!


20130911-175403.jpg 20130911-175413.jpg 20130911-175425.jpg 20130911-175433.jpg 20130911-175454.jpg 20130911-175629.jpg 20130911-175637.jpg








And very shortly to ETSY!!!

A RAW artist:

Once upon a time, I had an art show… an art show in April. “Why April sounds like a lovely month to have an art show, get all gussied up and shmooze with people all night” Ha, you have clearly not met me. I am notorious for crummy weather on show days. The mega snow storm of Dec ’10? Oh you dont remember when we got DUMPED on with 18 inches of fluffy cold stuff? yea, I had an art show. I went to it and it got canceled. YUP awesome. So back to the story… April, ah April… 8 inches of that white stuff, the night of my show. End of April too. What are the chances?!?! Anyways, as a bit of a makeup, since most people weren’t crazy and didn’t fair the questionable weather… We got to do it again. This time I chose August. No snow in August right? YAY it didnt happen. We had decent weather!

As an artist for one of the RAW shows, here’s the deal. its loud, its chaotic, its intense. Its for some people its not for others. Do I think I will get any extra sales or jobs as a result of my showing twice? Unfortunately not. BUT I made some nice sales, and the people who bought the pieces that sold really loved those pieces. And so did I- so for that I feel like it was successful. Obviously everything I make I love, since a bit of me goes into every piece, but I do have my favorites. Those are the pieces I get a little upset over, “why didn’t anyone pick you up and tell you how pretty you are?” or ” you really are my favorite. Maybe I should just take you out of inventory, and you can be a ME present.” hose pieces sold, and it made me happy that I was making others happy.

And a final moment. I was extremely happy with my table. It has grown and evolved from the sad table in the sun selling earrings (pathetic really, I think I only made sales out of pity) to what it is today. I had an iPad rolling thru some of my new and lovely photos of jewelry, yarn, and creations. I utilized displays and height in creative ways. I was very pleased overall. Thought I should share some of these photos from the show and of my booth. And of course I will let people know of th enext show I decide to do. 🙂






And now, after a bit of a break… a bit of a breather, a fresher look on life, summer and art, and a major plus of a new phone (that can magically post). Thank you technology!

I officially feel that was the longest title ever… Except for that one Fiona Apple album that no one would recite.
So a bunch of things have been happening, and a little bit of nothing too. I am learning and relearning you must back up your files! My hard drive crashed last week, I have lost all my photos and am contemplating spending the mucho bucks to see if they can recover the files. Eek. Where are my photos? Oh man I wish I knew. I’ve been making some really kickin pieces recently for my etsy shop and the gift shop and now I have nothing to show for it. Le sigh.

Spinning is still happening on a regular basis. I just got some alpaca fiber, the cria (baby)’s name is Ethan. I helped shear him last year. And he is oh so soft! AND a double Blue ribbon winner! 🙂    A nice and special project is underway with him!

Ethan and me!

@Rum River Alpacas





I went to Michigan for work… Anyone (not from Michigan) heard of a Michigan left? Oh my god! You have to go north to go south! I drew many diagrams for people to understand. It’s some crazy stuff. Not a fan. For those who would like to know what a Michigan Left is, please click here. I have officially used enough hyperlinks this time. Thanks!

Demos at my work are still successful! Yay! Today I worked on Munny dolls. I made my foomi look like a mermaid! The hair looks awesome btw! I will definitely post some more pictures when it’s competed.

Foomi frontside




Last week I worked on golden open acrylics. I am a big fan and made a 18×36 painting of a turtle. I apparently really like sea stuff right now. (I think it’s a sign I need to see the ocean soon) I usually crave bagels right before deciding on airfare since I only really eat them at airports.

Golden Open Acrylics 2013

Golden Open Acrylics

Other than that, it’s been hot and I’ve been neglecting my studio since its so warm. Today finally cooled down so I plan on gettin my hoops out and playing outside tonight!

Hooping with "Jem" xo


A little Spring?

For the record, I am done with Winter. I have been done since before it started. And now we are supposed to get another 8 inches this weekend. No thank you.

Our hoop night has sadly been canceled til April- my mega reason why I am done with winter… I NEED TO HOOP! It is extremely hard to have dreams about the dancing and the moves your body is learning, and are unable to make those dreams come alive! Hooper’s problems, for sure.

In the meantime, while I cannot go outside and play, I am enjoying the creating process with my wheel and making some jewelry. I have a tendency to obsess over one art or craft for a period of time, then switch really quick. I always go back to them, but when people ask me at the store, “What kinda art do you do?” I have to chuckle, because I play with them all, what day of the week are we talking about?

I just finished up 2 new skeins. I have a birthday coming up, and a early present showed up for me this week. I got to open it, because Ben was afraid I was going to buy one anyway- which I was. I got a lightbox for photos! yay! Jewelry is one of those, you need proper lighting or you are toast things. With it, I already put up 3 skeins of my new yarns on etsy. Horray! Its kinda nice to be organized and put together! As simple as a light box is, I just feel more professional having one, less of “hey this was made in my basement” (well more like the office…)

So, more pretty photos coming soon! Yaaay!

A busy week in my little art world.

So, last post, I wrote that I made 2 art submissions. I got into a store for one of them and the other, I was accepted to be an artist in RAW Minneapolis. Yay! I believe I will be showing my work at the April show. (to be confirmed) Still, YAY!

Positive vibes! On Sunday, a rather dreadful day overall, I realized I sold a painting. One of my 8×8 coffee paintings. As much as it makes me super happy to be lucky enough to be selling, I have a tinge of sadness, since part of my heart goes with all my work. I know it will come back to me in some way, and someone will love it, I am just silly sentimental at times.

Today I went to Wunderkammer, the shop that will be carrying my jewelry and handspun yarn. I am super excited to be sharing a great assortment from me, I cant wait to see how it sells! She chose 5 skeins of yarn, all of which are my favorite. Its always fun to see someone examine your work for the first time, to see what they see, the combos they put together.

So the lesson learned in the last 5 days. I have to get my butt in gear and make more things. ALL THE THINGS! Especially if I have a show in April and plan on doing the St Paul Art Crawl as well! I got paintings to do, yarn to spin, and jewelry to make, because my stock is almost ZERO. Anyone got a couple extra months to spare?

Coffee Time 2010 SOLD

Coffee Time 2010

I have great news!

I made 2 art submissions this week. A real nail biter if you ask me. When it comes to my product, I am very confident in my work, but the actual submission, the selling of me I am terrified of. When someone comes to my booth or table, hey look around, if you like it, you’ll buy it, its cool. But if I need to explain why my stuff will rock your socks off, oh my.. I become a stammering fool. Palms sweaty and all!

Well I made a big leap this week. I actually made 2 submissions, not one but 2! One is for an art show that I really hope I can get into, and the other is for selling my stuff in a shop! A REAL STORE! I went in, and chatted, went home and submitted! She replied that she wants to carry both my yarn and my jewelry in her shop. Ohmigod. WOOOO! My energy level is thru the roof. I have so much to do to get ready. I have to still make tags for my yarn and sift thru my jewelry, since it might be a bit of an issue if I give her anything that is from my etsy shop.

Once everything gets finalized I will post where this shoppe is. Dont want to jinx anything!

Haven’t heard back about the other show, I am hoping that goes over well. If it doesn’t, thats cool, Im still awesome.


A discovery this week

I made a major discovery this week. Fringe is a great show to watch while I spin my yarn. I can watch and focus on my fibers twisting and turning into awesomeness. I went thru the entire first season in a week. Yea I have been spinning alot, I know. I just finished up with a skein I am pretty much in love with and bought the other 4oz in the same color way because I enjoyed it so much. Its a lovely mix of browns, aqua, bright acid yellow and pinks. They way they moosh into lovely wonderful yarny goodness I just had to get another, and it has been determined a keeper for my own stash. I just got another shipment, and I really am loving the mix I got, but I keep going back to the same idea… I need to start dyeing my own fiber. This will happen, I know most likely this spring, once I get started on the outdoor space. Just to clear the air, as of the 27th of January, I have no serious intentions of getting my own sheep or alpaca, just in case some of you were worried! 🙂

I have been researching how much to charge for my yarn and once again, I hate pricing my stuff. I always sell far below what I should as far as time, quality and materials are concerned. The main thing is that I am happy creating, but I also need to recoup some of my spending to continue to make lovelies. Thoughts anyone?

I cant wait to post more fun later!


I have new awesomeness to share!


Some of you might be wondering what is up with this new love of spinning, I shall explain… I bought a spinning wheel just after Christmas, a lovely Lendrum dt, that I have named Opal (I enjoy naming things). It has always been something I have been interested in, and I finally took the plunge! This is extremely exciting for me, I get to make the yarn that I plan to crochet pieces with now. YAY! A few super new samples I did. The one on the left, is my 6th skein I have ever done. I am getting more consistent with sizing and not over twisting it. I have a mild tendency to still go chunky or skinny every now and then because its fun to have crazy art yarn. Eventually I would like to sell it along with my other work, jewelry, and artwork either on my etsy site, or on a fully functioning me site. Cross your fingers, cuz I sense it will be awesome!

The second picture is actually my second skein, as you can see its a bit kinky, but its mine. I made it, and I am super proud. I really didnt care for the colors in the bag, but man o man, it looks awesome all spun up and in person! I have the weekend off so I plan on utilizing some of my “free time” with working on some new roving I picked up this week at my tunisian crochet class. Yes, I learned something new, and I enjoyed it. It is definitely something different than normal looking crochet, and my hands don’t have the stamina to continue the foreign motion. Im working on it! Practice, and taking breaks here and there are the key!

Skein # 6 has some lovely browns in it! Skein #2