A sale, an update on my yarn progress, and a feature on Hooping.org!

Excitement is brewing over at Kaleidoscope Kitty studios!

Fall is in the air and I am keeping my hands warm with lots of projects! As the weather cools, I thought it might be nice to have a little sale. 🙂 “FALLSALE” gets you 15% off my store good until October 4! Check it out!!!

I am currently spinning up a fantastically bright pink skein of yarn, that (I believe) will be plyed with a lovely oceany blue. I have to think on that one a bit more before I make my decision on it but they will go together so beautifully, it would be a shame not to spin them together. When B is working on music, I am spinning, when we go watch a couple episodes of LOST (finally powering thru the whole season after so many years) I am working on a new scarf. So far I have made 7 scarves that are adorable. I am weighing my options on taking on commissions, whether or not I will have time to do them, I always want to help everyone out, but stress myself in the end. I aim for a low/no stress holiday!

Sparkling Necklaces I just finished up some wedding jewelry that turned out simply gorgeous. I am so happy with the result. I think I will be doing some sets for the holidays and my upcoming shows, and necklace and earring sets are great!

I will be dropping off my yarn to the Minnesota Textile Center almost 2 weeks early for I Love Yarn Day (October 10)! So exciting. If you are in the area, please treat yo self. Beautiful things are at their shop, and they are from artists. Since I have moved on to the store I am working at now, I am much happier buying a coffee mug that is $25 from an artist than getting one at Target for $4. Its unique and beautiful. Watching customers fall in love with handmade stuff everyday makes my job so much better.

And last and certainly super awesome…. I was featured on Hooping.org. For the non hooping folk, I am sure this is no big thing, but I am super proud of it. Check it out here! Hooping.org 

Thanks again for reading, I really appreciate you. I promise to keep updating with new and interesting goodies as they happen on a more regular basis.




Announcements, Updates and Extremely Awesome.

First and foremost, I have not done a good job of keeping my blog up to date. ALOT has happened over the past couple months. After the wedding, I came back from the mini moon and sorta fell into a new job. I know. Crazy. I left my high ranking job in corporate retail for an artists life. And.I’m.Loving.It. Am I making the money I was? No. Has my overall stress level and happiness factor gone way up? YES.

I have applied to a few gallery and gift shows, a couple rejections later, I have stumbled into a bit of awesome. I get to be a part of the Textile Center’s Holiday Show starting in November with my Yarn, wait it gets better, they want me to drop off early so they can have it for “I Love Yarn Day” (October 10). Yes!!! This is exciting for me, a chance to get my yarn in other people’s hands! People always want to touch things, and being able to touch and see them is a big bonus. Online is so hard, Q- is this soft? A-Yes? Q-How would you describe it? A-Soft? Also the textile center indicates people who know what time you put into something. I cant sell yarn for 16 bucks, I just cant. I have to buy the roving, and I have to spin it. It takes time. Way more time than I would like to admit, and handspun is special. Very special. Stay tuned for the official date on the show. 🙂

I also have another show coming up in December (December 13 to be exact). Its the COExhibitions (World) Craft Fair, I have done this one a couple times before, one of those dates we got 18″ of snow. Yup. 18″. It has always been a well received show, they have great vendors, and nice variety, so I am super excited to be part of it again this year. More details when I get more info.

My jewelry is now carried at a local store!!! “I like you” is in the NE area of Minneapolis, and is adorable. It represents over 250 artists, and I am so happy to be a part of their family and community. Many people see the I like you wall in engagement photos and super happy selfies, thats the place! So go check it out,its suuuuuuper adorable!

As I was driving home tonight from our hoop jam, I thought to myself all the things I needed to dive into on this blog, and as I am writing, I am realizing I have forgotten all the things I wanted to write about. We call it a hoopers high. I forget all the things since my mind is still so much in the moment of my hoop. And this is why…  Fire Hooping

Yes that is me fire hooping. A bit new to the fire hooping, I used to be more seasoned with poi. So much funner that poi. I have been working on so much lately, and so much of it is still a no no when it comes to the fire hoop. Like, body rolls and escalators, doable yes, but not right now. We’ll get to that later. 😉


In the mean time, I am off to sleep, up early to work on some bridal jewelry I have lined up and a day at the new job.

Til I write again!



A Sprained Ankle, A Wedding, A Party, and a Mini-Moon

Well! What a crazy few weeks I have had. First let me confirm the rumors. Yes I got married. Woo! Those last couple weeks were kinda hard to keep under wraps, and under control, but I did it. Some people were surprised, and lots were very happy for us.
We’ll start this journey on the Monday before the wedding. Had to go get sa couple last minute wedding things all taken care of, and then a quick swoop down to Afternoon Printing to pick up our Hoop Twin Cities swag. We got tanks and track jackets and they look amazing. Afternoon Printing did such a nice job and worked so patiently with me to get exactly what we wanted, I had to give them a shout out. Thanks guys! Tuesday arrives, I close at the store, and B swoops me up to get to hoops with a little time to spare. We get to Lake Calhoun, have such a great turnout of hoopers, and everyone starts going thru the box of goodies. Which means, perfect time for some open air hooping. Since we have had some crazy wicked rainy weather, I have been stuck to the confines of my basement, unable to get some wide open hoop time. I jump right into the new combo I have been working on, which involves arm fold/wraps and jumping. Its a pretty sweet move, and I have been always super scared about jumping ever since I fell down the Metrodome stairs in my youth. Pretty traumatic. Nailing that move, over and over, and craaaack. Hoop goes flying, and I fall to the ground. NO nonononono. People ran to check out my hoop, the noise was so loud, they thought I broke my hoop. I wished that was the case. Are you kidding me? 2 days before my wedding? On our way to the hospital we go.

Hours later, oh yes, I also should let you know, I had to work on Wednesday, we find out that, yes, indeed, it is a sprain. How am I supposed to fit my fat foot in my super cute shoes? Wait, no, that means I have to start my jumping journey all over again. I cant hoop? Oh the sadness.

Our Friday wedding turned out lovely. the weather man was very off on all his predictions all week, and hoped he was off on this one too, I dont think I would be able to deal with a sprained ankle and a soaking wedding dress.

We started the morning off going to the farmers market to pick up flowers. I didnt really have anything in mind, I didnt know what kind of flowers they would be carrying, so I was open to awesomeness. Luckily I had borrowed a wheelchair for our 10 minute outing, I dont think that crutching around would have been good for anyone, and everyone kept telling me, “Stay off your foot”. We found some beautiful flowers, spent $60, and I got to feel like Miss America holding them all. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Got home and started to decorate. 20140705-121850-44330403.jpg

During my hair appointment, it started to rain. Man. Any rain at home? Nope! Woo! In the clear! Now time to get home and have a wedding. 🙂

Our photographer was Bethany from Aqua Fox Photography. She is amazing and who took our engagement photos. I am realizing not many people got to see those since we kept everything so quiet. Im a quiet girl sometimes. Sorry, it happens. I’ll post some of those later, they truly are beautiful.


Awesome quick wedding, great weather, and PIZZA! All weddings should have pizza.

I said I was going to be that girl who got food on her wedding. Did not happen. I also was going to wear my beautiful shoes all night as well. Did not happen. We got a couple shots with them on. A 3 hour ordeal felt more like 20 mins, and I feel like I forgot some things, but oh well. It was never going to be perfect, just small, just fun.

These are all items I made for the wedding, earrings, knotted pearl necklace, bracelet, and head piece.

20140705-122441-44681955.jpg This was my SSAP (Super Secret Alpaca Project) I helped shear this baby alpaca, I spun the fiber in to yarn, and then I crocheted it. You can say I like to do things myself. People joked that I made my own dress, but I purchased that. 🙂

A little mini moon was next on the list. I didn’t want to call it a honeymoon, since I want to go somewhere warm in the cold months. 🙂 We went up to the Duluth area for a couple days. Perfect weather, still dealing with my sprain, and oh my god, the mosquitos. I guess it was good I was confined to not walking on it unless necessary because those skeeters were terrible. I am still dealing with the bites. On the plus I got lots of art in. I spun up two skeins (which I probably shouldnt since my wheel is double treadle) and drew a bunch.






Last but not least, is the scarf project I am working on. Its working up so nicely, soon I will have the decision of Mine, Gift, or Sell. This is currently being worked on in Malabrigo Rastita. I am also dreaming of how my yarn would look with it. Yummy.

Came home to happy kitties and a flowering yard, and birds! Oh the birds! I might have to learn about birding more to list all the birds we have been seeing this year. Its amazing. I type this as I look over to see a Blue Jay getting some snacks. My phone got weird with its camera a couple months back, so I have been limited on my photo capabilities, but I got a new one, and Im sure I will be posting all the beauties soon. I am on the mend. Fighting my ankle all the way. I will heal, hopefully sooner than later. Im not enjoying missing out on everything.


Thanks for reading ! I know it was a long one!

A hula hoop challenge, springtime goodies and a SALE!

Hi all!

Hope everyone’s spring is coming along nicely. We have had some bouts here and there of good ol Mother Nature not being able to decide what she wants to do, but on those nice days, you better believe I am outside in my yard tending to my plants and playing with my hula hoops!

Been spinning up some beautiful fibers recently (I treated myself to some “instant stashes”) and bought some of Beesybee and Edgewood Garden Studios’ fiber. I love both of them and they treat me so well.

Hot Springs After washing Alpaca/ Silk blend

Surprise color!





Another thing I have been heavily involved with has been my stress reliever, my hula hoops. I joined a group on facebook called the Hoopign Game. The game goes like this, you make a post saying, “I’m IN!” and a random person picks a song for you to make a video to. You have 48 hours to complete it, and it has been SO ADDICTING!!!! I’ve made a handful of videos already and it is encouraging me to tape more of my practice. I can see what I want to work on, and know my progress better! If anyone is interested in my videos please check out my YouTube channel. Hooping Game Its been really fun and I look forward to new challenges.

I just got thru a string of demos. Inktense, Derwent Mania and Acrylic Mediums! Exciting, exhausting, I love teaching people. I was lucky enough to have a lively group that was responsive to my style, had great questions, and we all clicked very well. Those groups make my job so much easier, and fun! I am taking some demo time off in May, but will be back for another Inktense in June. Look for it the first week.

Again I want to thank you for taking the time to read my adventures, I have lots of things going on, work, personal, business, and other. It has been difficult to find time to write about my happenings. I have many things ready to go in the fire, I might need another stove…. be prepared, things are going to get awesomer.


I should make a quick note and say I am having a little sale at my ETSY shop! “IHEARTMOM” gets 15% off anything in my shop! (YES, that includes yarn this time!!!) That special will go until May 4th- so tell your friends!




A brief hiatus, and new ventures!

Hello all! It has sure been a interesting Winter. I realize I haven’t been very good with keeping up with my blog, and I promise I will be doing better. So, if you don’t mind… A little recap of whats been going on.

In January, I received the unfortunate news that the awesome gallery I had my stuff at was closing. The economy stinks, and the sales weren’t there at that location to keep it going. I was surely bummed, something I feel hinders my sales pitch now, saying, “No, I don’t have my stuff anywhere right now…” So a happy Spring goal of mine is to find another shop to carry my wears. Are you interested? 😉

February was a swift and crazy month. Many of you don’t know all my hobbies and talents. (I am giving into my dislike for the word talent, and am going to go with it for once. Most people do not do what I do, and I have skills, and owning all of them is a talent. ) Not only do I make jewelry, draw, paint, and fire dance, I also am an avid hula hooper. Yes, hula hooping. And cats. There are always cats around. (3 currently in a pile on my lap as I type…) Anyways, yes I hula hoop. Its amazing and fun, and creative, and the group I belong to, Hoop Twin Cities, invited one of my most favorite- est hoopers to do a one day class with us, all the way from Oakland, CA, Tiana Zoumer.

First and foremost. youtube this chick. She is amazing, and will blow your mind. Not only was she encouraging and fun to have in class, she was positive, and enlightening and beautiful outside her hoop as well. We had dinners, and laughs, and talked hoops. Total geek out weekend. Our class on Saturday was extremely fun with about 20 beautifully skilled hoopers taking a 3 hour intensive on punctuation and body rolls. Afterward, the majority of us went out for drinks, and food. 15 girls, 2 tables, one very patient waiter, and we are all twittering about this move , that move, how we fell in love with hooping, hoop mamas, and what kinda music we get our jam on to. Its not much of a secret, but my jams are typically pop music, nsync, bsb…, its embarrassing, but you know the beats, you know the words, and because the songs are ridiculous, you can have tons of fun. (my hoop jams are fairly different to my normal hangout music, so its fun to see what people respond to. I respond to that… ) The evening ended at one of the hooper’s houses, with a lyra on her porch, and hoopers in the living room dancing with a solo mini. An enlightening evening for sure, and discovering I need more of it in my life. We also had a afternoon jam that Sunday, reminding us that even though we are tired, we still want more. I was a sponge that weekend.

February also brought some very cold days to the Minnesota folk, and a couple dumpings of snow. Yes, talking of the weather is small talk, but in Minnesota it isn’t. Here, it is life, and we have to share our experiences to find oneness in another. A way to alleviate the pain of this harsh, cruel winter. We all are hopeful of a quick spring, some more than others. To my disappointment, February brought little by way of fulfilling creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I had moments of creative bursting energy, but it wasn’t as continuous as it normally flows. March will be better.

A recap of February:


I tried my hand at core-spun.


I celebrated a meeting.




I started painting Silk Scarves (soon to be in the shop), and had another rockin Derwent Inktense demo.




Hula hooped at the halftime show for the roller derby.





Met this lady. (Its TIANA!!!)



Hoop Twin Cities Co-Organizers!




Class picture!




May your March rock more than February. I’m looking forward to mine (its my birthday month!)





Oh tes. And, I made a hoop video for all to see! Its not great, but its great on progress!!! <3

A new trick to add to my hoop skillz.

I obsess over certain moves, it happens. This was the move I obsessed over last week, and this week I nailed it. A video, because I have to share!

It’s a wedgie start!


photo 1 (2) I will figure out how to get the video thing to actually work on here. Be patient, or just click the youtube link! <3


Day 3: A journey to Duluth

Day three leads us South, into Duluth. On our second Shopko visit, Google Maps took us to a residential house. I was halfway tempted to just knock on the door and share the funny experience, but I was also rather annoyed. Not quite as bad as when Siri took us to the maintenance dock at the airport. Yup that happened. And it was not cool.

We headed down toward Canal st., hit up the electric fetus, That store is insanely huge in comparison to the one back home, and it was fun to just wander. Sadly a really awesome bead shop I used to stop at is no longer, in its place is a funky little gallery shop named Double Dutch, with some awesome pieces. Simple fun, not too stuffed, and not screaming for more items. I felt the price tags were nice and the collection was not overly in one area over another. So many times now its jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, and a little bit of art. This was nice to have a happy mix. -I just realize that comment might not have made much sense since I do indeed make quite a bit of jewelry, but, if it is too much of one thing, its not a good thing. I still miss that bead shop.

IMG_0719 IMG_0716

Down on Canal, people were moving- only could mean one thing… well maybe two, but I doubt Godzilla was taking over the city… nope. A BOAT was coming in! A really big one, named American Courage 636feet long and can hold almost 24,000 tons of cargo. I was focused on taking a picture and he tooted his mega horn- pretty hilarious actually, scared me half to death, Ben got it on audio- so if I can figure out how to share I will!

We headed up to Hawk Ridge and checked out some of the migration stuff that was going on with the birds up in Duluth. It was really pretty up there, and even if birds are not your thing, I felt it was highly recommended for the sites. A very friendly chipmunk came right on up to me and started to eat the corn they had scattered about and we got some great photos of him too. We were planning on hitting up Seven Bridges, but we only got to drive over one- road construction!!! Ugh.


Another quick stop at another yarn shop, a very nice one, odd location but nice selection, and I even saw they have handspun, from Blaine! It was nice and she had lovely colorways. I picked up some Nube- its Malabrigo’s new roving. I have heard some mixed reviews on it. I adore Malabrigo to a severe degree so I needed to test out the roving, see if its all that it should be. I was pleased with the price. No more than some of the handdyed stuff I get from my etsy sellers. Of course, no competition or need to worry sellers, you already have my loyalty.


Started to get hungry and decided to stop for a bite. If I am in a new land, I want food I cannot get at home. So I stay away from places like Applebees, Fridays, McDonalds etc- I want to try their mini diners. Is there an unwritten rule about shops being open on Tuesdays? It was 4:30 and we couldnt find a place to eat. Too fancy, looks too much like a dirty bar, or whaaa CLOSED? How is a restaurant closed on a Tuesday? We went home mildly cranky and made pizza sandwiches.

I built the fire tonight, and had a mini photo shoot with my LEDs- Firefly and Jem, right on the rocks at the shore. Again a bit scary at night, so my foot placement has to be very precise, and no crazy moves. With the way Lake Superior was acting last night, if I dropped a hoop in the water, there really would have been no saving it. Last time we were up a hoop got flung into the water, luckily it was saved, but as a result I have been paranoid about some of my crazy moves, regardless on how much more improved I have become.

I finished Cabana last night, and started on Black Hills Gold. I really like this one, but I enjoyed the flow of the last one a bit more. it just moved differently. Aaaand picture time.


Last but not least, I am really enjoying my vacation, and how much I really needed this time ot relax and play, but I will be honest, its not the same without my kitties. It feels weird curled up n the couch without their tiny warm bodies cuddled in for naps.

A simpler adventure on Weds, Two Harbors again, photos, Buddy’s rice (just for my friend emily) and who knows?!?!


Explorations on the North Shore.

Day two held a jam packed day. Unfortunately it also started a smidge earlier for me than I really wanted to. The cabin next to ours is being rebuilt… Construction! Well I guess you cant get rid of it completely. But we sure tried.

I got ready and headed down to the rocks for a morning spin session with “Flash” my pink and yellow hoop. It was a challenge to properly hoop on such bumpy and rocky terrain, I managed and was overall pretty pleased. Time to hit the road!

Today we went north up the shore. We stopped at Palisadehead and got some really amazing shots. I brought out my hoop for some globe hoopin and BEn took some exciting shots. One thing I should note. Palisadehead is a pretty severe drop, and can be super treacherous. Caution. A lady up there asked if we were shooting an ad for something. I thought that was pretty cool. Since the iPhone switch to ios 7, I now can do panoramic photos, I couldn’t remember how to do them before- so I took a couple neat ones at the highest part of palisadehead. Apparently wordpress doesnt like panoramic… so I will have to figure out another way to share my sweet pics.


We drove around some more, stopped at a couple cool side stops, Silver Bay Marina and I worked on a quick sketch while Ben did some field recordings. IMG_0690  A quick stop at Betty’s Pies for a light lunch and a slice of pie- I had the 5 butterscotch pie. Highly recommended. It is also huge, so take some home with you.

We made a quick run to a local yarn shop, because destination yarns are always a must. I picked up some new fiber, this time I got some art batts, The one I am working on has tussah silk, silk noils, and wool wool wool and its lovely. It reminds me I don’t always have to stress about my yarn being so damn constant in size. I am making it, I made the rules. This skein is turning out to have some nice lumpy bumpies- and it looks just like Noro. And everyone loves Noro. IMG_0713


A little trip down by Knife River brought me this little drawing, a little sketch on 4×5 paper. Its always nice to do a quick drawing to remind you of the moment. Nothing fancy, just a sketch. IMG_0707

The evening concluded with a pretty sad attempt to make a fire in the dark, with pretty wet wood. Not recommended, at all. Grilled Cheese sams and tomato soup, sounds pretty awesome right? I burnt my first GC on the sandwich maker- because hey, even though you have a full kitchen, you are “roughing it” to some degree right? And instead of trying to salvage my blackened sandwich from a life in the fire, I gave up, it was beyond help. I ran back up, and gathered the goods to make sandwich number 2. I am now beginning to appreciate the large quantity of cheese we purchased. Still dinner was good, I cant complain too much about that, but it still wasn’t home. Our marshmallows were consumed raw with chocolate until we really started to get the fire going at a nice warmth, and we decided to give up and call it a night. It wasn’t even 9. Fresh air does that to you. Tomorrow is another day, another journey, Duluth this time. Hoping to find a boat docking, or some amazing photo opportunity.

What a night!

My hoop friends are the best. Hoopers really know how to brighten your day. Tonight was the last outdoor hoop night for HTC until Spring. How sad am I? We drove down and arrived just a couple mins after 7:30. When we parked it was already dark. No time for warm up hoops, at this point no one would see us, so I brought out my pretty LED and started to play, hoping others would come. People showed! We were told of an event in the works called Ecstatic Dance, and they were just down the block, with a dj! We all moved down by the beach and made our hoop jam happen. We had music that was good, and loud. And more hoopers showed up! People took video and photos of our hoop times, man it was FUN! I can’t wait to get the pictures from these guys. So much fun!

I have the wool spun up for 2 of my holiday projects. Now to pick the patterns. Geez sometimes that can be half the battle. I swear I spend more time looking at pattens than I do making the thing. I decided to treat myself to a pretty little scarf for fall. I got hesitant on whether it would look cool with my own yarn so I went with a tried and true Malabrigo Rios- its a hand- dyed Superwash Merino. Its pretty kickin.

Pretty scarf for me

See? Here I was transitioning from one skein to another one, and even though its the same colorway, this beautifully punchy violet color popped up- and I am enjoying it moving as I am working with it.


Today I finished another lovely colorway called Galapagos- a BFL fiber, torn on whether I wanted to keep it as a single, which looked stunning (I am realizing I need to take more photos to explain the things I talk about) il_570xN.498606275_dowz

and I thought about it and thought about it and decided to ply it with a single I had spun a few weeks earlier and wasnt super happy as it being just a single. It was missing something.  To the rescue was BeesyBeeFibers. I cant say how much I love her stuff. So if anyone needs a gift for me, check her out! The color aspect of plying is still amazing and partially baffling to me. I picked two colorways, that somewhat went together when they were in roving rolls, but spun up they did not look like they had a chance to be something amazing. And although plying takes ton more time, essentially spinning a skein 3 times,  its so cool!

image (1) image









So I am continuing on my journey of making lovely things. I also had some of the golden yellow/orange colorway left and I decided to ply it with a simple purple pencil roving that I had left over from the last holiday ply I completed. I think it turned out pretty magical. image (2) image (3)

photo 1





This is a sneak preview.

photo 2







Ooh la la ply!

photo 3 photo 4







These two last guys were just messing with 2 already made fancy yarns. Fun and still decent yardage!

I have been dreaming recently of getting some workshop classes together, and how I can achieve that. Ever have the feeling of anxiousness for something that isnt even a thing yet? I have that excited anxiousness that sits in your tummy. So ideas are brewing kids, they are brewing. I just want things to be amazing for all parties involved.

The last note of my post tonight will be regarding the new iOS. As someone who absolutely hates super long user guides, I really wish Apple came out with one. I know my phone can do amazing things, I just don’t know how to do it. At dinner tonight, Ben asked me why do you keep opening and closing that app. I was trying to find a special way to do something, and instead I did it the most roundabout way. Is there a college course? I know my iPhone can do sweet things too, and I feel special I can find the search button. Thats my only gripe. On the plus side, I have a phone that works, and I can take jazzy pictures with it- so thats awesome.


A visit to Blue Mounds Park

A bit of hoop fun at Blue Mounds Park in Luverne, MN

My sectional Polypro hoop, (that I have named “Splash”) is courtesy of DJ Hoopster You can find her awesome hoops here… www.djhoopster.com and yes, she is amazing. Tell her I sent you! <3

Hoops IMG_3534 IMG_3535