A quickie update and news

BenTine Buttons is going to the state fair! I Like You will be at the West End selling my sweet button and magnet sets. Make sure you stop by and say hi, and maybe pick up a pack or two!

Also, I haven’t been posting as much stuff on my etsy site, don’t worry! I am still making LOTS of stuff, but have put my etsy on hold a bit while I stock my stores and prep my inventory for Holiday Shows!

Speaking of Holiday Shows, I am applying and awaiting responses, so once I have word, I can pass it on! 😉  In the meantime, check out my Instagram!!! 


<3 love you guys!

Button Designs

I have been hard at work coming up with new button designs, I finalized 9 of them and I can’t WAIT to share them!

Currently all these designs are for sale at i like you in NE Minneapolis, and I am working on getting them up online for purchase. So in the mean time, if you see a lil something you like, just shoot me a message and I am happy to send an invoice and mail them!

And if you have any fun requests for button ideas, please let me know, I am always up for a new challenge.


Whoops and many apologies

I took a break. I took a long break. I may have to do it again sometime, I think I am still learning how to manage time to its fullest. So, if you are just tuning in, I took a break from my blog for over a year. In that year I did fantastic things but didn’t take the time to post about it. Too time consuming, and I only really want to share thoughts or moments, so I have been spending more time on Instagram. I now have my personal one, cuz I am fun, and another for Kaleidoscope Kitty. I post on those frequently so if you just aren’t gettin enough info, check it out. 🙂

I am going to get better about posting. So much to do. Agh, time management.

The other thing is that I JUST did a show, and now I am realizing, my website wasn’t working. How long? I don’t know. So it made me look unprofessional. Never again!

Stay tuned for a buncha fun pics. Let’s hope I remember how to do this!

Holiday Bustle, and SHOWS!

Its crunch time kids, less than 20 days to Christmas, am I ready for this? Not in the slightest!

A recap of November! Sales have been steady and crazy at i like you- (yay!). We had our annual holiday ornament show, and I made yarn ball ornaments for your knitty friends, and yarn kitties. OMG the cutest cat faces ever. Each one is special in its own way, and the faces… I mean purrsonality. Seriously, one of the funnest gifts I have ever made. I got to send one out to Colorado and one to Michigan through my etsy! My mission for tomorrow, make all the yarn kitties…. all of them! Army of Yarn Kitties!!!


I have two shows this week. Art and Soul is Dec. 11th 4-9pm (6-9pm Adults only for opening party) I am planning on bringing my wheel for some demo time.
Dec. 12th 4-9pm Also bringing wheel, dependent on customer traffic on demo time.
Dec. 13th 12-5pm

I will have my gear there all three days but will only be able to attend the first two, B will be covering my booth on Saturday (12/13) since I had previously committed to another show at CoExhibitions from 10-6. If you are in town, please stop by one or both of them, I will have different items at both since I will be having 2 booths simultaneously, and the artists I get to sell with are really fabulous at both locations, I dont know which one I am more excited for! I am trying to keep it all together, I need sleep but I want to keep making all the fun things!

I still have no idea what I would like for Christmas, I keep asking B, hoping he will get me to think about something I would really really like, but I am kinda at a loss. I have been blessed this year with a whole new attitude, a new job that I love, a new creative side, I have no real needs. So this year’s Christmas will be just icing on the cake. 2015 is going to be even more amazing than 2014. AMAZINGER. yes, I said it.


The busy holiday season is coming!

Hi all!

I wanted to make a quick post and give an update on what has been happening for me. As revealed in a previous post, I left my job of 7+ years and ventured out to focus more on my artwork and craft while working at a super awesome gift shop. I figured I would have tons of time to work on all the art I wanted to, and do housework. Little did I know, I would be busier than I have ever been! These 3 months have flown by, which have been all very awesome, but man! Where did that time go?

I have my yarn at the textile center in minneapolis.

I have new jewelry and my knits at i like you in NE Mpls. Coming soon are knit and crochet gift sets!

A holiday ornament show is November 22 at i like you, and will be absolutely amazing. You should go if you are available. 🙂

November 30 and December 1 (Makers Monday) I will be home working on my tables and having a presale. If you would like to get your gifties before my next shows this is the time to do it. Contact me for times.

December 11-13 I have a show at Art and Soul in Richfield. I will have a large assortment of my handspun yarn, wearables, ornaments and small assortment of my jewelry.

December 13 I have a show at the CoExhibitions World Craft Fair in NE Minneapolis. Will have a large assortment of all I sell.

More details on the shows will be available soon. I just wanted to post what I have so far. I am so pumped!

– A few new items I should note, I am whipping up some adorable Swarovski necklace/ earring sets, a super deal at $50. Sterling Silver. Will be listed on Etsy this weekend! And of course I am up for special orders!





Holiday Ornaments! Yes this is happening. They are so cute I can’t contain myself. Yarn Kitties are purr-fect for that cat lover in your life and Knitter Balls are just the ticket for a fiber fiend!


IMG_0627 IMG_0629






I also want to take a moment out to thank those who have supported me and my venture throughout the years, I could not have done all this without you, and I truly appreciate your continued support by reading my blog, liking my pictures, and buying my product. Even if your purchases are not with me this holiday season, please think about buying handmade. It means more than you will ever know.


kaleidoscope kitty

Where has the time gone?

I am slowly realizing with my new job I have not been given the gift of time. Instead, I am busier than ever! I have two wedding jewelry jobs this month, one show officially booked for December, two potential shows, the textile center, AND I have ornaments I have to make for our ornament show in November, plus restock the store, while still making all my holiday gifts! Am I loving all this new work? YES!
– On a side note, if you have special commissions from me needed for xmas, please contact me asap. My time is filling up fast and I will need time to get it done the way I like things to be completed! <3


Announcements, Updates and Extremely Awesome.

First and foremost, I have not done a good job of keeping my blog up to date. ALOT has happened over the past couple months. After the wedding, I came back from the mini moon and sorta fell into a new job. I know. Crazy. I left my high ranking job in corporate retail for an artists life. And.I’m.Loving.It. Am I making the money I was? No. Has my overall stress level and happiness factor gone way up? YES.

I have applied to a few gallery and gift shows, a couple rejections later, I have stumbled into a bit of awesome. I get to be a part of the Textile Center’s Holiday Show starting in November with my Yarn, wait it gets better, they want me to drop off early so they can have it for “I Love Yarn Day” (October 10). Yes!!! This is exciting for me, a chance to get my yarn in other people’s hands! People always want to touch things, and being able to touch and see them is a big bonus. Online is so hard, Q- is this soft? A-Yes? Q-How would you describe it? A-Soft? Also the textile center indicates people who know what time you put into something. I cant sell yarn for 16 bucks, I just cant. I have to buy the roving, and I have to spin it. It takes time. Way more time than I would like to admit, and handspun is special. Very special. Stay tuned for the official date on the show. 🙂

I also have another show coming up in December (December 13 to be exact). Its the COExhibitions (World) Craft Fair, I have done this one a couple times before, one of those dates we got 18″ of snow. Yup. 18″. It has always been a well received show, they have great vendors, and nice variety, so I am super excited to be part of it again this year. More details when I get more info.

My jewelry is now carried at a local store!!! “I like you” is in the NE area of Minneapolis, and is adorable. It represents over 250 artists, and I am so happy to be a part of their family and community. Many people see the I like you wall in engagement photos and super happy selfies, thats the place! So go check it out,its suuuuuuper adorable!

As I was driving home tonight from our hoop jam, I thought to myself all the things I needed to dive into on this blog, and as I am writing, I am realizing I have forgotten all the things I wanted to write about. We call it a hoopers high. I forget all the things since my mind is still so much in the moment of my hoop. And this is why…  Fire Hooping

Yes that is me fire hooping. A bit new to the fire hooping, I used to be more seasoned with poi. So much funner that poi. I have been working on so much lately, and so much of it is still a no no when it comes to the fire hoop. Like, body rolls and escalators, doable yes, but not right now. We’ll get to that later. 😉


In the mean time, I am off to sleep, up early to work on some bridal jewelry I have lined up and a day at the new job.

Til I write again!



A weekend of creativity

What a week! Time is passing so fast, we are already midway into JUNE! If Summer keeps this up, I am in for a treat!
On the weather side, it could be better. I am hoping June has gotten all of it’s crazy rain days out of the way, we have some pretty awesome times coming up. I am looking forward to Back to the 50’s this year, like all years. It is a family filled weekend that is all about cars, outside, and celebrating. My sister’s birthday is that weekend, so it is all about her as well. 🙂 Old cars+ protective men= there better not be any rain.

I worked all weekend, which is not a big thin. We had an event at the store, with mega discounts and we were crazy busy all the time. The plus of my job? I got to do demos all weekend long. On Friday we played with Aquabord from Ampersand. I have used Aquabord in the past with some Inktense demonstrations, and I must say, using it for watercolor was just as fun.

On Saturday we played with Artisan Water Mixable Oils on Gessobord. Super fun as well. I forget that I like oils and need to play with them more.

And on Sunday I showed customers Easy Encaustics, using Dorland’s Wax Medium. I got some really neat pieces out of it, and am curious to play with more of it. Agh, not another thing!!!






Thanks guys for looking, and keeping tabs, I really appreciate it. B and I keep brainstorming on workshops and classes, so stay tuned.

Stay creative!

Welcome to Summer. Yarn, Painting, Drawing, Hoops and more

Just a quick hello to my readers, my summer kickoff has been mildly crazy so far. So many projects and clearly not enough time to complete them all! I started painting again. I am using a fairly new line of paints from Pebeo called Prisme and Moon. The effects are incredible. My mind wanders with all the possibilities!



I am still hooping up a storm, and am getting really excited for my Rachael Lust workshop in July. If you have seen a hoop video, its probably hers. Her kitchen hoop videos went super viral, and she’s very talented. For the month of June, I am doing a 30 in 30 challenge. The goal is to hoop for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. I am making such great progress with it. New moves! My only complaint is with the Junebugs (ick) outside, my night hooping has had to move inside, so Im a little more cramped in the basement. No chest rolls for me. But it is fun to challenge myself with the constraint of space. Then when I am outside I will enjoy it more. I plan on taking a progress video- one I feel comfortable posting, soon. I take mini vids here and there to see what I am working on and where I can go from it, but nothing that is monumental. Soon, I promise. Until then, I am continuing my challenge, posting a pink circle on my calendar if I hoop for more than an hour, and a green one if it’s less than an hour.

I’m officially a super gardener. I have so many plants this year its incredible!Expanded the garden in front of the house this year, so I have lots of room for awesome plants! I am still growing all my marigolds, from seed, like usual, but this year I got some new perennials, some of my favorites from last year, and some new flowers I can’t wait to start taking photos of and drawing. Etsy shop be prepared for a crazy amount of items up for grabs!


On Monday a favorite yarn of mine, named “Spicy” will be leaving the shop and heading all the way out to Maryland for a new owner to play with. As bittersweet as it is, I am so excited someone so far away gets too enjoy such a lively colorway!

20140608-231727-83847699.jpg And this is a new skein I am working up right now from Crosspatch Creations. It’s stunning.

I am still continuing to draw when I can. My extra curriculars can sometimes get in the way, however I am making new art. This is created on the bus, and the flower and cake were done while riding to a birthday party. I am enjoying the road construction in a most odd way, allowing the bumps to guide my drawing if you will. Its a pretty fun way to enjoy art.





I must be more diligent on writing. My posts become long and full of many pictures when I do not post as often.
Thanks for reading and making it to the bottom.

A hula hoop challenge, springtime goodies and a SALE!

Hi all!

Hope everyone’s spring is coming along nicely. We have had some bouts here and there of good ol Mother Nature not being able to decide what she wants to do, but on those nice days, you better believe I am outside in my yard tending to my plants and playing with my hula hoops!

Been spinning up some beautiful fibers recently (I treated myself to some “instant stashes”) and bought some of Beesybee and Edgewood Garden Studios’ fiber. I love both of them and they treat me so well.

Hot Springs After washing Alpaca/ Silk blend

Surprise color!





Another thing I have been heavily involved with has been my stress reliever, my hula hoops. I joined a group on facebook called the Hoopign Game. The game goes like this, you make a post saying, “I’m IN!” and a random person picks a song for you to make a video to. You have 48 hours to complete it, and it has been SO ADDICTING!!!! I’ve made a handful of videos already and it is encouraging me to tape more of my practice. I can see what I want to work on, and know my progress better! If anyone is interested in my videos please check out my YouTube channel. Hooping Game Its been really fun and I look forward to new challenges.

I just got thru a string of demos. Inktense, Derwent Mania and Acrylic Mediums! Exciting, exhausting, I love teaching people. I was lucky enough to have a lively group that was responsive to my style, had great questions, and we all clicked very well. Those groups make my job so much easier, and fun! I am taking some demo time off in May, but will be back for another Inktense in June. Look for it the first week.

Again I want to thank you for taking the time to read my adventures, I have lots of things going on, work, personal, business, and other. It has been difficult to find time to write about my happenings. I have many things ready to go in the fire, I might need another stove…. be prepared, things are going to get awesomer.


I should make a quick note and say I am having a little sale at my ETSY shop! “IHEARTMOM” gets 15% off anything in my shop! (YES, that includes yarn this time!!!) That special will go until May 4th- so tell your friends!