Welcome to Summer. Yarn, Painting, Drawing, Hoops and more

Just a quick hello to my readers, my summer kickoff has been mildly crazy so far. So many projects and clearly not enough time to complete them all! I started painting again. I am using a fairly new line of paints from Pebeo called Prisme and Moon. The effects are incredible. My mind wanders with all the possibilities!



I am still hooping up a storm, and am getting really excited for my Rachael Lust workshop in July. If you have seen a hoop video, its probably hers. Her kitchen hoop videos went super viral, and she’s very talented. For the month of June, I am doing a 30 in 30 challenge. The goal is to hoop for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. I am making such great progress with it. New moves! My only complaint is with the Junebugs (ick) outside, my night hooping has had to move inside, so Im a little more cramped in the basement. No chest rolls for me. But it is fun to challenge myself with the constraint of space. Then when I am outside I will enjoy it more. I plan on taking a progress video- one I feel comfortable posting, soon. I take mini vids here and there to see what I am working on and where I can go from it, but nothing that is monumental. Soon, I promise. Until then, I am continuing my challenge, posting a pink circle on my calendar if I hoop for more than an hour, and a green one if it’s less than an hour.

I’m officially a super gardener. I have so many plants this year its incredible!Expanded the garden in front of the house this year, so I have lots of room for awesome plants! I am still growing all my marigolds, from seed, like usual, but this year I got some new perennials, some of my favorites from last year, and some new flowers I can’t wait to start taking photos of and drawing. Etsy shop be prepared for a crazy amount of items up for grabs!


On Monday a favorite yarn of mine, named “Spicy” will be leaving the shop and heading all the way out to Maryland for a new owner to play with. As bittersweet as it is, I am so excited someone so far away gets too enjoy such a lively colorway!

20140608-231727-83847699.jpg And this is a new skein I am working up right now from Crosspatch Creations. It’s stunning.

I am still continuing to draw when I can. My extra curriculars can sometimes get in the way, however I am making new art. This is created on the bus, and the flower and cake were done while riding to a birthday party. I am enjoying the road construction in a most odd way, allowing the bumps to guide my drawing if you will. Its a pretty fun way to enjoy art.





I must be more diligent on writing. My posts become long and full of many pictures when I do not post as often.
Thanks for reading and making it to the bottom.

A hula hoop challenge, springtime goodies and a SALE!

Hi all!

Hope everyone’s spring is coming along nicely. We have had some bouts here and there of good ol Mother Nature not being able to decide what she wants to do, but on those nice days, you better believe I am outside in my yard tending to my plants and playing with my hula hoops!

Been spinning up some beautiful fibers recently (I treated myself to some “instant stashes”) and bought some of Beesybee and Edgewood Garden Studios’ fiber. I love both of them and they treat me so well.

Hot Springs After washing Alpaca/ Silk blend

Surprise color!





Another thing I have been heavily involved with has been my stress reliever, my hula hoops. I joined a group on facebook called the Hoopign Game. The game goes like this, you make a post saying, “I’m IN!” and a random person picks a song for you to make a video to. You have 48 hours to complete it, and it has been SO ADDICTING!!!! I’ve made a handful of videos already and it is encouraging me to tape more of my practice. I can see what I want to work on, and know my progress better! If anyone is interested in my videos please check out my YouTube channel. Hooping Game Its been really fun and I look forward to new challenges.

I just got thru a string of demos. Inktense, Derwent Mania and Acrylic Mediums! Exciting, exhausting, I love teaching people. I was lucky enough to have a lively group that was responsive to my style, had great questions, and we all clicked very well. Those groups make my job so much easier, and fun! I am taking some demo time off in May, but will be back for another Inktense in June. Look for it the first week.

Again I want to thank you for taking the time to read my adventures, I have lots of things going on, work, personal, business, and other. It has been difficult to find time to write about my happenings. I have many things ready to go in the fire, I might need another stove…. be prepared, things are going to get awesomer.


I should make a quick note and say I am having a little sale at my ETSY shop! “IHEARTMOM” gets 15% off anything in my shop! (YES, that includes yarn this time!!!) That special will go until May 4th- so tell your friends!




A brief hiatus, and new ventures!

Hello all! It has sure been a interesting Winter. I realize I haven’t been very good with keeping up with my blog, and I promise I will be doing better. So, if you don’t mind… A little recap of whats been going on.

In January, I received the unfortunate news that the awesome gallery I had my stuff at was closing. The economy stinks, and the sales weren’t there at that location to keep it going. I was surely bummed, something I feel hinders my sales pitch now, saying, “No, I don’t have my stuff anywhere right now…” So a happy Spring goal of mine is to find another shop to carry my wears. Are you interested? 😉

February was a swift and crazy month. Many of you don’t know all my hobbies and talents. (I am giving into my dislike for the word talent, and am going to go with it for once. Most people do not do what I do, and I have skills, and owning all of them is a talent. ) Not only do I make jewelry, draw, paint, and fire dance, I also am an avid hula hooper. Yes, hula hooping. And cats. There are always cats around. (3 currently in a pile on my lap as I type…) Anyways, yes I hula hoop. Its amazing and fun, and creative, and the group I belong to, Hoop Twin Cities, invited one of my most favorite- est hoopers to do a one day class with us, all the way from Oakland, CA, Tiana Zoumer.

First and foremost. youtube this chick. She is amazing, and will blow your mind. Not only was she encouraging and fun to have in class, she was positive, and enlightening and beautiful outside her hoop as well. We had dinners, and laughs, and talked hoops. Total geek out weekend. Our class on Saturday was extremely fun with about 20 beautifully skilled hoopers taking a 3 hour intensive on punctuation and body rolls. Afterward, the majority of us went out for drinks, and food. 15 girls, 2 tables, one very patient waiter, and we are all twittering about this move , that move, how we fell in love with hooping, hoop mamas, and what kinda music we get our jam on to. Its not much of a secret, but my jams are typically pop music, nsync, bsb…, its embarrassing, but you know the beats, you know the words, and because the songs are ridiculous, you can have tons of fun. (my hoop jams are fairly different to my normal hangout music, so its fun to see what people respond to. I respond to that… ) The evening ended at one of the hooper’s houses, with a lyra on her porch, and hoopers in the living room dancing with a solo mini. An enlightening evening for sure, and discovering I need more of it in my life. We also had a afternoon jam that Sunday, reminding us that even though we are tired, we still want more. I was a sponge that weekend.

February also brought some very cold days to the Minnesota folk, and a couple dumpings of snow. Yes, talking of the weather is small talk, but in Minnesota it isn’t. Here, it is life, and we have to share our experiences to find oneness in another. A way to alleviate the pain of this harsh, cruel winter. We all are hopeful of a quick spring, some more than others. To my disappointment, February brought little by way of fulfilling creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I had moments of creative bursting energy, but it wasn’t as continuous as it normally flows. March will be better.

A recap of February:


I tried my hand at core-spun.


I celebrated a meeting.




I started painting Silk Scarves (soon to be in the shop), and had another rockin Derwent Inktense demo.




Hula hooped at the halftime show for the roller derby.





Met this lady. (Its TIANA!!!)



Hoop Twin Cities Co-Organizers!




Class picture!




May your March rock more than February. I’m looking forward to mine (its my birthday month!)





Oh tes. And, I made a hoop video for all to see! Its not great, but its great on progress!!! <3

30 Etsy Posts in 2 days

I never though it could be done. I made 30 Etsy posts in 2 days. New yarn, new jewelry. Super pumped and proud of myself. Didn’t do much else during that time, but woooo! 30!

I thought I would share and let everyone know I have plenty more where that came from so stay tuned! I am excited for what the year will bring me. With this big post I also want to announce a COUPON! For 20% off, use the coupon code “HEARTS” at checkout. This will expire at midnight on Valentines day, so please plan accordingly! Reminder, it does not apply to handspun, I will be doing a deal when you write in notes to seller “love” I will send you a pair of earrings-my choice! (Worth $20)






Keep it creative!

New year, new possibilities!

Wow, January is sure flying by! I have been a bit more quiet as of late, I can’t keep up with it all. Work, friends, home projects. My work life is still continuing busy. I like being busy, if you arent busy, you get bored. I finalized a demo schedule for my staff to work on and I have 2 (yes 2!) demos in February. Inktense IS on that schedule, so get excited. I sure am! I think for March I will be doing some more on Acrylics again, getting back to my roots. Either way, I am pumped for teaching!

The home is ever changing, got new carpet in the office, where I am writing this note, and downstairs in the basement. I haven’t spent much time downstairs since the flooding in June, it was pretty sad and in disarray. Now, I have new carpet, and shelving. And decorating… oh the decorating! Next will be paint!

A little sample of my decorating talents. 🙂 IMG_1112


Like all new things they take time, so I am trying to be patient. Because patience makes awesome.

Oh yes, speaking of new!!! I bought my computer! I am now typing on Jazz, my new iMac. For those of you who do not know, Jazz is a type of apple… 🙂 I can be clever every now and then.



Having a real Saturday off and not having to do anything really confuses my body. I want to sleep all day and stay up til weird hours doing nothing like reading about celebrities. Yup, I can be that person. I was determined to get some etsy work done. I was pleasantly surprised that my new computer has a nice photo editing software, and was mildly easy to manipulate and size. Then comes the descriptions…  I so far have 7 posts completed. I will call that one a WIN.

Check out some of the pretties I posted today!

IMG_1158 IMG_1206 IMG_1178 IMG_1170 IMG_1208 IMG_1202 IMG_1169










1 Fancy Jasper Bracelet

2 Swarovski and Pearl Bracelet

3 Swarovski Bracelet

4 Spessartite Bracelet

5 Spiral Bracelet

6 Aventurine Necklace

7 Garnet Bracelet



I am still plugging along on my bobble stitch scarf, its getting long!!! I am regretting not weaving in the ends as I change colors, for a couple reasons, one, it looks messy, people see it as I work on it and go, “ooh whats that?” and then see it and kinda step away in horror. 2) finishing the piece will be that much harder because when I am done, I am done. Taking the extra time to frame something or put a coat of varnish on (something I ALWAYS do by the way) I hate it, well, no I should revise that statement, I do not take enjoyment in doing it. It feels very chore-y and annoying. Maybe I can work on that.

Anyways, keeping on! Thanks for reading


New Year, New You, New Projects from Kaleidoscope Kitty

First, let me start this post off with a Happy New Year! May your past be behind you, your future be bright, and 2014 bring much splendor to your life!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. As much as I love the holidays, it wore me out a bit more than usual. I kept busy with my normal projects, but the combo of the weather (crappy) and retail, and holiday stressors got me a bit down. It happens, its over, I am done with it. Instead of worrying about those things, I am throwing myself into new projects.
1) I started a lovely tunisian stitch cowl done in Malabrigo Rasta. It is so thick, I can only do a couple rows at a time, or my hands start cramping up. Its real attention getter on the bus though, since its not a stitch normally seen, I catch people all the time hovering over and trying to take a peek. Its ok! You can ask. 🙂


2) My neck gets cold at work… In enters the new neckwarmer (yarn by Freia, I love this stuff)


3) The Bobble Stitch. I have always been fascinated by intricate stitches. Since my learning was off books and not by a family member, there is always a different gap in learning. I am envious of thosse who can freeform crochet at the drop of a hat, and often wonder why my mind wont take me there. One of my conclusions is that I dont know enough “weird” stitches. The bobble, popcorn, bullion, stuff like that. It also could be that my mind doesnt think on that level, but I am not giving up on learning yet. SO last year I learned tunisian. It is not the kind of stitch you can really throw into a freeform project (or so I think) and 2 days before new year I decided I could learn one more.
This scarf has a couple delicious handdyed yarns to it. One is Madelinetosh, another is Sonoma, and the third is Ella Rae. The Ella Ray is a tiny bit larger of a yarn and where it might bother me in other projects, I am enjoying the extra textures quite a bit right now.


4) Super Secret Spinning Wheel Project. I have been holding onto this lovely Alpaca roving for many months, waiting for the right time to start playing with it. My holiday gifts are done and I have decided that January is time for me. I have 1lb 7oz of Cria fiber (cria means baby) to work on spinning. I started it the other night. Its so soft, its hard to describe spinning with it. Maybe like spinning little wispy clouds. Yes! wispy clouds. Anyway it is beautiful and I cant wait to continue sharing this journey of fiber.

20140101-103739.jpg On a side note, I have been officially spinning yarn for one year! It feels like longer, but this shift in my art feels so natural, and amazing.

December 22 had a lovely booth- I realized now I haven’t shared it. My booth is ever changing, sometimes dependent on the venue, sometimes on the product I am bringing. My show at BE Coterie had a bit of it all and I look forward to coming back and vending my wares again.


Christmas brought me a very artsy holiday. I received the 72 count set of Inktense Blocks- Which will expand my demonstrating capabilities even more. I got one whole pound of roving for me to work on dying. It is superwash and has silk and silver in it. GORGEOUS. A gift card to my favorite yarn shop went very fast on Sunday, and I got the full set of the symfonie hooks that I like so much. Art holidays are the best aren’t they?

My New Years Eve was spent having delicious filet mignons and watching 200 Cigarettes. It is my New Years tradition, I have to watch it every year. Its my favorite. So if anyone wants a quick synopsis, they smoke a lot of cigarettes on NYE 1981, a whole lot of awesome people are in it, and they swear, more than I remember. The music is good. Its just a cute movie.

I don’t make resolutions. I make mini goals and demolish them. Every year I have to learn something new. Every year I want to be more successful with Kaleidoscope Kitty and my art. This year I made great strides in getting my brand more well known. I started my little blog, which I am enjoying very much, and is getting better and better with each bit of info I am learning about WordPress (prepare for big things, my friends) . I made my first international sale with my yarn. I shipped yarns from Utah to Maryland. Jewelry from California to Pennsylvania. Overall, I feel that is a good year. I dream of a day I can see people walking down the street wearing my designs, or a show where I can sell out an entire basket of OOAK yarns. Workshops that people clamor for (workshops are coming btw). I know I am meant for art and it is meant for me, I am still working on getting there.

Look out 2014- this is going to be a big one! <3

I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on resolutions, do you make them, how often they are kept. What crazy projects you are up to fresh into the new year. <3

Happy Holidays from Kaleidoscope Kitty!

Just a couple days left!!! Are you ready? I finished up with a few of my last minute gifts, and still think I need to do more. There comes a time when I just have to give up and be happy with all I did.

I got into a last minute pop up market at a place called B.E Coterie this Sunday from 10-2. I have been very mellow about my table, not freaking out, not making anything new, because I don’t need anything new for this booth. I will have my jewelry, handspun, a few drawings and my crochets. Opal will be there, so I can demonstrate spinning my yarns. B and I worked on how my booth will look, and I am overall very pleased. I will post pictures of the ever evolving booth.

I am finishing up a super long scarf with yarn by Freia. Its a handpainted and handspun single ply wool yarn. Its absolutely fantastic to work with. The color is intense and the way it stripes itself is amazing. Since it is so long, I needed to use two balls. Its not exactly the most economical but really nice stuff rarely is. It is truly a treat to play with.



I took 2 photos just to show how beautiful it is. Can’t wait for it to be finished! I am still not sure on whether I want to sell it or keep it for myself.

I posted two new necklaces tonight. A lovely wire wrapped druzy and and a wire wrapped artistic jasper. I even posted it from my ipad- it was surprising how easy it was. I took the pictures with my phone, so I still have a lot to learn on posting from my phone. Progress!

Hoping to have time to make another post before Christmas, we’ll see what happens. 🙂
Holiday happiness to all!




Winter Weather Blues- Now with a Festive Recipe!

Well, winter is here. Hopefully not to stay long. Today as I type this we are dealing with a warm, balmy -7º. And I live here why? I look out my window and feel a little sinking in my heart, the squirrels won’t even come out today. On the plus side it is sunny out, and I love the sun. A day off doesn’t hurt either. The kitties are enjoying a day with me, lots of snuggles, it can be pretty hard to type with 3 laying on your legs. They are also not enjoying the cold, I am often seeing them piled up by the heat registers. One of the more popular hangouts is by the water dish, so it almost looks like they are hanging out by the water cooler. Girl has taken over post as I type this, and as uncomfortable as I actually am, it becomes harder and harder to move her, especially when she looks like this.

photo (12)

I am continuing on my holiday gift making journey. I just finished a really fun netted infinity cowl last night. Its HUGE! I never thought I would be able to finish it. I really need to take some last minute pictures and get them up in my shop. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the pretty things for holiday and for themselves. I can’t wait to gift these to their owners. Making things for people that makes them happy makes me happy! THIS is why I do art.

My worklife is proving to be a challenge to my business this year. Since we have such a short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, all my weekends are at the store. And asking for it off seems silly and rude. I usually can get a show in or two during this season, and this year, none have worked out. That is how I was able to afford Opal last year. This year I have a few new goals, one being a new computer, I love Frank (he’s my frankenstein, I built him and he’s kinda big) but for some reason he’s struggling to play videos, he likes to freeze up when I work on etsy, or my blog (one of the reasons I have been so quiet… along with work), he’s just not doing what he needs to do for me. So I have a computer on top of my must buy list. Computers are not cheap. Ugh. Not cheap at all. We have a bunch of other “fun” home improvements on our list as well, new carpet is one of them and will be here in a couple weeks. Lots to get done before the summer. It will all be beautiful in the end. 🙂

B. and I saw Catching Fire on Wednesday. Our Hoop group canceled for the night on account of terrible weather, and we had some time to kill because traffic was so bad. I won’t go into my thoughts on the movie aside from that I liked it a lot, but my big thing was OMG those knits! I love the fact I crochet, I really do. I hate the fact that every yarn shop has a bajillion knit projects out on display and no crochet. If I ever learn how to properly knit (as in knit better than what I do now) I will learn specifically for her outfits. Goal for next year! Woo!


A bit of a reminder post about my holiday specials at my shop!

On my etsy shop– enter “GIFTGIVING” at checkout to receive 20% off!

Note this discount does not apply to my handspun yarn. The time that it takes for me to spin, ply, set, and tag is more a labor of love than a major money maker. (I spend at least 4 hours with each skein, many on the upwards of 6-8 hours. If we do the math, how much I sell my yarn for, and minus the roving cost, my wage can sometimes be as low as $2- $3/ hour)
Due to those circumstances, I am doing a different offer for all handspun yarn purchases! At checkout, in notes to buyer- enter “holidaylove” and I will send you a special thank you- a pair of Sterling Silver and stone earrings (normally $15-20) for free. My way of thanking you for buying my handspun and your support.

Please let me know if you need help with etsy- I am happy to help!

Last but not least, I have a new recipe- I have seen versions around but this way I have it in one place. My favorites.

—————————————————————————————————————Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

3 Tbsp.  butter
1 pkg.  (10 oz.) JET-PUFFED Marshmallows (I tend to go a bit more on the  marshmellowy side)
5 cups  Rice Krispie cereal (I love the generic cereal for these)
16 OREO Cookies, coarsely chopped, divided (I put mine in a ziploc and smashed away)
3- 1 oz. squares of Bakers Semi Sweet Chocolate (The next time I do this I might use one less Chocolate square, its really pretty that way.Your own mini Pollack painting!)
Confetti Sprinkles for Sundaes


MICROWAVE butter in large microwaveable bowl on HIGH 45 sec. or until melted. Add marshmallows; toss to coat. Microwave 1-1/2 min. or until marshmallows are completely melted and mixture is well blended, stirring after 45 sec.

ADD cereal and 1 cup chopped cookies; mix well.

PRESS onto bottom of 13×9-inch pan sprayed with cooking spray. Sprinkle with remaining chopped cookies; press lightly into cereal mixture to secure. Cool completely before cutting into squares.MICROWAVE Chocolate squares for 30 seconds until melted, stirring between each 30 second session.

Drizzle with spoon over Krispie Treats.

SPRINKLE those sprinkles!

ALLOW chocolate to set up by cooling

photo (11)


Yes kids this is one of my silicone pans. There are certain things that I only want to use silicone for, one of which is Rice Krispie treats!!! (another one is for my caramels. I cant believe I used anything else ever, but that is another blog post)



Holiday Deals from Kaleidoscope Kitty!

Happy Saturday! I am starting my holiday deals a bit earlier this year!
On my etsy shop– enter “GIFTGIVING” at checkout to receive 20% off!

Note this discount does not apply to my handspun yarn. The time that it takes for me to spin, ply, set, and tag is more a labor of love than a major money maker. (I spend at least 4 hours with each skein, many on the upwards of 6-8 hours. If we do the math, how much I sell my yarn for, and minus the roving cost, my wage can sometimes be as low as $2- $3/ hour)
Due to those circumstances, I am doing a different offer for all handspun yarn purchases! At checkout, in notes to buyer- enter “holidaylove” and I will send you a special thank you- a pair of Sterling Silver and stone earrings (normally $15-20) for free. My way of thanking you for buying my handspun and your support.

Please let me know if you need help with etsy- I am happy to help!

On a side note, I am trying to figure out a day I can host an open house for my local buyers, but my retail schedule is proving to be a challenge. Until then, if you would like a private visit, please let me know.

IMG_6834 Kaleidoscope Kitty shop IMG_3555 Christine Walberg Handspun Yarn

It’s HERE! My favorite Cheesy Potato Recipe!!!

Ok gang, so I think I have covered a few things about my tastes in food. I don’t like spicy, and I hate to reheat food, with the exception of a couple foods. It’s wasteful I know, but it never tastes the same… Along with my Sweet Chili Chicken I am adding another recipe to the foods that taste delicious reheated.

This meal has been tweaked a bit… from a Good Eats episode. Ok, tweaked alot. When I ended up watching this episode I felt like it was a completely different food, and I was curious on what Alton Brown had made. Anyways, this is my take on it.

First off, if you do not have a Mandolin slicer- GET ONE. Ours has paid off in the time we save on making this meal (its at least once a week in the winter)


Gratin Potatoes

This is a simple dish that’s quick to make if you have a mandolin slicer and a great way to use up all the stagnating leftovers in the fridge.

Casserole pan
Mandolin Slicer

3 pounds of medium starch, potatoes (Yukon Gold, Superiors, California Longs)
1/4 cup Half & Half
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 or more cups of filling. This could be various herbs, spices, meats, vegetables, cheese, pretty much anything you think would be good. This is an excellent way of getting rid of excess leftovers.

1. Wash and slice the potatoes around 1/16” or 1/8” thick
2. Grease pan with a light coat of butter
3. Make a layer of potatoes on the bottom of the pan
4. Sprinkle in part of the filling, add salt and pepper
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until pan is completely filled
6. Distribute Half & Half evenly on top of pan, then press down lightly with your hands to push out air bubbles.
7. Cover loosely with foil and bake for 45 minutes at 400 degrees
8. Remove foil and cook for 10 minutes
9. Remove from oven and let sit for at least 15 minutes before slicing and serving

Good Eats, Season 1, Episode 2: This Spud’s For You


photo (4)


Potatoes part a: Start browning your beef while you are slicing potatoes with your mandolin. By the time you are done with those you can start chop chop chopping your carrots up and add them to the beef with corn! Stir stir- add seasonings! (We also add a bit of Worcestershire sauce to give the beef a little zip, just a little bit.)


Potatoes step one: Buttered pan, lay one layer down of potatoes, salt and pepper.

photo 3








Step 2: First layer of Cheese! (We use Mild Cheddar here) photo 4








photo 1 (4)

Step 3: Another Layer of Potatoes!

(you can see the cheesy goodness underneath)

Salt and Pepper! Don’t forget it!






photo 2 (4)

Step 4: Add ingredients!

We have 1 Bag of baby carrots, 1 can of corn, and 1 lb of ground beef.

You can obviously add some other tasty variety, but this is what works best in our home. Oh yes, and Steak chopped up is really good too!


Step 5: Another Layer of Potatoes and Cheese!

photo 3 (4)








Step 6: Last layer of potatoes- Now before you put the half and half on you will want to squish it down with your hands, not a extreme squish, just something to push out any crazy big airbubbles and allow it to cook more evenly. Now we add about a quarter cup of half and half evenly to the top.

photo 1 (5)








Lastly is the final layer of cheese. We use Sharp Cheddar here- it browns the nicest, but you can use pretty much what you like.

photo 2 (5)



Lightly cover with tinfoil. You don’t want to burn the cheese to the tinfoil, but it also needs to be covered, unless you like smokey burnt messes. No thank you!

Pop it in the oven at 400° with tinfoil on. Bake for 45 mins. Remove tinfoil! Bake for another 15 or until you see fit. (I like a nice crispy top)

photo 1 (5)

Voila! Cheesy potatoes. Delicious. Customizable, and reheats OH SO WELL!!! 🙂