A RAW artist:

Once upon a time, I had an art show… an art show in April. “Why April sounds like a lovely month to have an art show, get all gussied up and shmooze with people all night” Ha, you have clearly not met me. I am notorious for crummy weather on show days. The mega snow storm of Dec ’10? Oh you dont remember when we got DUMPED on with 18 inches of fluffy cold stuff? yea, I had an art show. I went to it and it got canceled. YUP awesome. So back to the story… April, ah April… 8 inches of that white stuff, the night of my show. End of April too. What are the chances?!?! Anyways, as a bit of a makeup, since most people weren’t crazy and didn’t fair the questionable weather… We got to do it again. This time I chose August. No snow in August right? YAY it didnt happen. We had decent weather!

As an artist for one of the RAW shows, here’s the deal. its loud, its chaotic, its intense. Its for some people its not for others. Do I think I will get any extra sales or jobs as a result of my showing twice? Unfortunately not. BUT I made some nice sales, and the people who bought the pieces that sold really loved those pieces. And so did I- so for that I feel like it was successful. Obviously everything I make I love, since a bit of me goes into every piece, but I do have my favorites. Those are the pieces I get a little upset over, “why didn’t anyone pick you up and tell you how pretty you are?” or ” you really are my favorite. Maybe I should just take you out of inventory, and you can be a ME present.” hose pieces sold, and it made me happy that I was making others happy.

And a final moment. I was extremely happy with my table. It has grown and evolved from the sad table in the sun selling earrings (pathetic really, I think I only made sales out of pity) to what it is today. I had an iPad rolling thru some of my new and lovely photos of jewelry, yarn, and creations. I utilized displays and height in creative ways. I was very pleased overall. Thought I should share some of these photos from the show and of my booth. And of course I will let people know of th enext show I decide to do. 🙂






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