What a night!

My hoop friends are the best. Hoopers really know how to brighten your day. Tonight was the last outdoor hoop night for HTC until Spring. How sad am I? We drove down and arrived just a couple mins after 7:30. When we parked it was already dark. No time for warm up hoops, at this point no one would see us, so I brought out my pretty LED and started to play, hoping others would come. People showed! We were told of an event in the works called Ecstatic Dance, and they were just down the block, with a dj! We all moved down by the beach and made our hoop jam happen. We had music that was good, and loud. And more hoopers showed up! People took video and photos of our hoop times, man it was FUN! I can’t wait to get the pictures from these guys. So much fun!

I have the wool spun up for 2 of my holiday projects. Now to pick the patterns. Geez sometimes that can be half the battle. I swear I spend more time looking at pattens than I do making the thing. I decided to treat myself to a pretty little scarf for fall. I got hesitant on whether it would look cool with my own yarn so I went with a tried and true Malabrigo Rios- its a hand- dyed Superwash Merino. Its pretty kickin.

Pretty scarf for me

See? Here I was transitioning from one skein to another one, and even though its the same colorway, this beautifully punchy violet color popped up- and I am enjoying it moving as I am working with it.


Today I finished another lovely colorway called Galapagos- a BFL fiber, torn on whether I wanted to keep it as a single, which looked stunning (I am realizing I need to take more photos to explain the things I talk about) il_570xN.498606275_dowz

and I thought about it and thought about it and decided to ply it with a single I had spun a few weeks earlier and wasnt super happy as it being just a single. It was missing something.  To the rescue was BeesyBeeFibers. I cant say how much I love her stuff. So if anyone needs a gift for me, check her out! The color aspect of plying is still amazing and partially baffling to me. I picked two colorways, that somewhat went together when they were in roving rolls, but spun up they did not look like they had a chance to be something amazing. And although plying takes ton more time, essentially spinning a skein 3 times,  its so cool!

image (1) image









So I am continuing on my journey of making lovely things. I also had some of the golden yellow/orange colorway left and I decided to ply it with a simple purple pencil roving that I had left over from the last holiday ply I completed. I think it turned out pretty magical. image (2) image (3)

photo 1





This is a sneak preview.

photo 2







Ooh la la ply!

photo 3 photo 4







These two last guys were just messing with 2 already made fancy yarns. Fun and still decent yardage!

I have been dreaming recently of getting some workshop classes together, and how I can achieve that. Ever have the feeling of anxiousness for something that isnt even a thing yet? I have that excited anxiousness that sits in your tummy. So ideas are brewing kids, they are brewing. I just want things to be amazing for all parties involved.

The last note of my post tonight will be regarding the new iOS. As someone who absolutely hates super long user guides, I really wish Apple came out with one. I know my phone can do amazing things, I just don’t know how to do it. At dinner tonight, Ben asked me why do you keep opening and closing that app. I was trying to find a special way to do something, and instead I did it the most roundabout way. Is there a college course? I know my iPhone can do sweet things too, and I feel special I can find the search button. Thats my only gripe. On the plus side, I have a phone that works, and I can take jazzy pictures with it- so thats awesome.


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