Explorations on the North Shore.

Day two held a jam packed day. Unfortunately it also started a smidge earlier for me than I really wanted to. The cabin next to ours is being rebuilt… Construction! Well I guess you cant get rid of it completely. But we sure tried.

I got ready and headed down to the rocks for a morning spin session with “Flash” my pink and yellow hoop. It was a challenge to properly hoop on such bumpy and rocky terrain, I managed and was overall pretty pleased. Time to hit the road!

Today we went north up the shore. We stopped at Palisadehead and got some really amazing shots. I brought out my hoop for some globe hoopin and BEn took some exciting shots. One thing I should note. Palisadehead is a pretty severe drop, and can be super treacherous. Caution. A lady up there asked if we were shooting an ad for something. I thought that was pretty cool. Since the iPhone switch to ios 7, I now can do panoramic photos, I couldn’t remember how to do them before- so I took a couple neat ones at the highest part of palisadehead. Apparently wordpress doesnt like panoramic… so I will have to figure out another way to share my sweet pics.


We drove around some more, stopped at a couple cool side stops, Silver Bay Marina and I worked on a quick sketch while Ben did some field recordings. IMG_0690  A quick stop at Betty’s Pies for a light lunch and a slice of pie- I had the 5 butterscotch pie. Highly recommended. It is also huge, so take some home with you.

We made a quick run to a local yarn shop, because destination yarns are always a must. I picked up some new fiber, this time I got some art batts, The one I am working on has tussah silk, silk noils, and wool wool wool and its lovely. It reminds me I don’t always have to stress about my yarn being so damn constant in size. I am making it, I made the rules. This skein is turning out to have some nice lumpy bumpies- and it looks just like Noro. And everyone loves Noro. IMG_0713


A little trip down by Knife River brought me this little drawing, a little sketch on 4×5 paper. Its always nice to do a quick drawing to remind you of the moment. Nothing fancy, just a sketch. IMG_0707

The evening concluded with a pretty sad attempt to make a fire in the dark, with pretty wet wood. Not recommended, at all. Grilled Cheese sams and tomato soup, sounds pretty awesome right? I burnt my first GC on the sandwich maker- because hey, even though you have a full kitchen, you are “roughing it” to some degree right? And instead of trying to salvage my blackened sandwich from a life in the fire, I gave up, it was beyond help. I ran back up, and gathered the goods to make sandwich number 2. I am now beginning to appreciate the large quantity of cheese we purchased. Still dinner was good, I cant complain too much about that, but it still wasn’t home. Our marshmallows were consumed raw with chocolate until we really started to get the fire going at a nice warmth, and we decided to give up and call it a night. It wasn’t even 9. Fresh air does that to you. Tomorrow is another day, another journey, Duluth this time. Hoping to find a boat docking, or some amazing photo opportunity.

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