A summary of the last week

Well the trunk show went well, you can always hope for more sales but are happy with what you got. My late night frenzied working has caught up with me. I started to get sick. My worst nightmare. I hate being sick, not that anyone particularly enjoys not feeling well but I am a very bad sick person. I am far too active in my activities to allow myself a moment to relax and start to get better, plus I get crabby. Not just crabby, but old man ornery that no one wants to be around. So now I lay in bed, hoping my body will rebuild itself rapidly, drinking a “soup” of sorts that my cats can probably taste from here- I am particularly craving strong flavored foods so I can taste them. My midwestern taste buds would freak if they knew what I think sounds good right now.
So here is to getting better. And a picture of my table at the trunk show last night. šŸ™‚




Oh yes, and finally, I finished plying that Moonglow with the glow in the dark thread!!! enjoy!


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